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Article by Noel Markham

Whether you want to maintain your commanding advantage in real estate sales or double your income in 2012, you won’t go wrong if you follow this 4-step formula for success.

ONE: MATCH YOUR WEB TO YOUR MARKETFirst identify your market. Do you want to target investors, first time buyers or buyers and sellers in the luxury market? Then take a close look to see if your Website has special meaning for that market. If your Website appeals to residential buyers and yet you want to attract buyers interested in farms and ranches, you have an obvious mismatch. Your Website’s graphics, property search and offers must all appeal to that market you want to reach.

TWO: GO FOR TOP SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENTWhen your Website matches your market going for top search engine placement get a little easier. After all the major search engines also evaluate your Website and if you want top placement for California Ranch Land but your Website is all about traditional, residential real estate, those engines are not likely to value your site enough to give you top placement.

THREE: WORK SMARTER WITH TECHNOLOGYThe odds are that you are not using smart technology anywhere near enough. A significant aspect of good real estate Web design is building in and utilizing smart technology that helps you connect with prospects, keep in touch with them and make it easier for them to find you. Yes, all this can happen without you doing a thing. Talk about working smarter. Some of the technology I am thinking of includes smart lead capture tools, email follow up, intelligent use of video, mobile device readiness and strategies to add incoming links to your Website.

FOUR: DON’T FORGET THE REAL WORLDYou do not have to double your efforts or double your marketing budget in order to double your income but it will help if you make a plan to do a little more in a variety of ways. For example, maybe you are not all that comfortable working with short sales and foreclosures and yet that is where the market is in your area. Suggestion: Improve your short sale and foreclosure skills. If you have a large past client base are you doing enough to keep in touch with them? Suggestion: Improve your approach to keeping in touch with past clients. You might do this by contacting past clients to get their email in order to keep in touch or there are many other ways to keep in touch with friends and past clients.

DOING IT RIGHT MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCETons of money is spent each year on inappropriate marketing. Sometimes agents pay for top search engine placement for the wrong keyword phrase. It is amazing how much money is spent on Websites that are not designed to pull in leads. Getting your marketing right by targeting your message to your audience and using the new technology to its best advantage will provide more leads and sales while saving you money at the same time.

Noel Markham, MASEO Marketing Analysthttp://www.sellrealestate.net/

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