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Our purpose is to lead, inspire and empower you to create a successful real estate business that rewards you with fulfillment, personal growth and time and money freedom. Our vision is to create a global organization dedicated to increasing the quality of life worldwide. Our goal is to be the #1 leading independent real estate company in the world.

Cocks International Realty Inc., Brokerage is accepting applications from REALTORs® and support staff who have a desire to be, do and have more in all areas of their life – with a company and brand that is committed to protecting consumers and systematically providing professional client service excellence.

New Skills & Technology

  • You will be pushed. You will be challenged. You’ll be forced to learn and master new skills and best in class technology.

Limited Spots Offered

  • Because of the level of personal support and setup, at any one time, only a limited number of spots are offered.

Be. Do. Have.

  • You will probably want to quit – (there is no quitting) – in the end, you’ll be rewarded in ways, right now, you can’t foresee or even imagine.

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