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Saugerties New York Cottages for Sale Make the Perfect Vacation Get Away

By Andrew John Cocks | Cottage Homes Sale

Saugerties New York Cottages for Sale Make the Perfect Vacation Get Away

Article by Aaron Wilmot

Those looking for a place to escape on weekends and during vacations should considerthe Saugerties New York cottages for sale in beautiful Upstate New York. However,you don’t have to choose one of these charming homes only for vacations – they’reperfect for year-round living as well. Charm, character and old-time appeal are afew of the words that describe these cottages, each one unique and beautiful.

Sure, you can spend your vacation in a hotel room or rent a cabin, but why not havea special place you can go to and really unwind, a place that is all yours? TheSaugerties New York cottages for sale today allow you to choose a home and make itpersonally yours. From small and cozy to spacious and open, you will fall in lovewith these old-fashioned “old” new homes.

What do we mean when we say “old” new homes? The Saugerties New York cottages forsale are new, but designed in a way that echoes the past. Some of the features youwill find in these cottages include gleaming wide plank wood floors, rockfireplaces, wainscoting, open lofts, even claw-foot tubs. There is something abouta home with the look and feel of those a century ago that make you feel comfortableand right at home, even when you’re on vacation.

It isn’t just the Saugerties New York cottages for sale that draw you in; thesurroundings are breath-taking. Countless lakes, spacious tracts of land and wideopen spaces, the beautiful Catskill Mountains and lush trees for cover provide theperfect setting for these homes. When you desire a private, intimate atmospherethat offers natural beauty and old-fashioned charm, this is the perfect destinationfor every vacation.

Those who love the outdoors will find there is no place on earth that offers more inthe way of activities. Fishing, skiing, canoeing, hiking, swimming, mountainclimbing – the list is endless. The Saugerties New York cottages for sale offer theperfect place to land after a day filled with fun, a place where you can relax andunwind – and just be yourself.

Why spend money on lodging when you can enjoy a place that belongs to you, one thatyou can decorate any way you like and truly feel at home? If you have never seenthe Saugerties New York cottages for sale, make it a top priority. These homesexude charm and old-fashioned character, making your family feel right at home.

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