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Discover the Highlands’ wonderful distilleries when staying in Scottish holiday cottages

By Andrew John Cocks | Holiday Cottage For Sale

Discover the Highlands’ wonderful distilleries when staying in Scottish holiday cottages

Article by Dipika Patel

If you’re planning to book Scottish holiday cottages for a break in the Highlands, make sure you visit some of the region’s well-known distilleries. Almost as famous as its stunning landscape, the local whisky is some of the most renowned produce in Scotland.

Indeed, there are numerous distilleries in the area that make some of the most famous Scotches, including Dalwhinnie, Glenmorangie and Glenlivet, among many others.

During tours of these distilleries, you can learn more about the history of the drink and how the various makers choose to produce it. And of course, there will also be plenty of opportunities for tastings – and for buying a bottle or two to take home!

After settling into your self catering holiday cottages, you can set out on your journey of whisky-based discovery.

The Glemorangie Distillery has been making single malt Scotch since 1843 and during your tour you’ll be able to see the drink at its various stages of production. As well as seeing the famous ‘Sixteen Men of Tain’ – the legendary distillery workers – you’ll have the chance to see Scotland’s tallest copper stills.

And after you’ve learned about Glenmorangie’s production and enjoyed a taste of the drink, you can think about buying some to take home from the resident shop. If you’re particularly interested in whisky, you might also be keen to see some of the specialist books they have on sale here.

Alternatively, why not visit the Ben Nevis Distillery? Situated at the foot of the famous mountain, the facility enjoys a dramatic and picturesque backdrop. In this quintessential Highlands setting, you can learn about the Legend of the Dew of Ben Nevis, as well as how the whisky here is made.

Before you set off to the next attraction, you can enjoy a bite to eat at the restaurant.

For another classic Highlands adventure, why not take a trip to the Dalwhinnie Distillery? This is the one of the highest whisky facilities in the region, sitting at 1,073 ft. As well as learning all about the tipple and treating yourself to a taste or two, you can enjoy excellent views of the surrounding area.

And if you can tear yourself away from the wonderful whisky tours, you’ll find there’s much else you can fit into your Highlands holiday.

If you’re keen to experience the great outdoors, why not tackle some of the numerous walking or cycling routes during your trip? Those looking for something a little more daring will find there is plenty to get the adrenaline pumping – such as white water rafting – before heading home.

Discover the fascinating distilleries in the Highlands when staying Scottish holiday cottages. Here at Imagine UK Cottages, we offer a range of self catering holiday cottages ideal for this kind of trip.

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Cottages for Sale in UK

By Andrew John Cocks | Holiday Cottage For Sale

Cottages for Sale in UK

Article by Megan Rogers

Cottages are fast gaining the reputation of being an extremely popular form of tourist accommodation. Most of these lovely structures are situated in picturesque locales, amidst the beautiful scenic views. This aspect vests with them, a lot in terms of aesthetics; and adds to its popularity. It is perhaps due to this reason that more and more people are getting interested in purchasing cottages.

Now, one may purchase a cottage, for a number of purposes, such as a place for permanent resident for himself and his family, a holiday home for himself and his family, or simply renting it out in the form of a rental property/hotel. Whatever be the reason, these properties are always a good option.

So, in case you are looking forward to purchase such a property, then in that case, you can do a number of things. The first thing is to search for a property, which can address your requirements in the best possible fashion. There are several ways to do so.

When you are searching for such a property, then in that case, the internet is perhaps the best way to do so. It offers you a wide range of information in regard to such properties. You also get information, pertaining to what kind of such property would be suitable for you. This would help you in selecting the best property in this regard. The internet would also furnish you with a long list of realtors, who deal in the sale and purchase of such properties. There are also a number of websites, where you can watch the list of such properties, which are available for sale. If you are a seller, then in that case, you can list your property for sale as well. Some of the most popular websites in this regard are,,,, and

You can also go for some window shopping. Visit the real estate agents in your area and see whether they have some cottage properties for sale. Depending upon the location, you will get a list of such properties, which are available for sale.

There are a number of magazines in this regard, which are available to you on various book stalls. These magazines carry a number of advertisements, of these properties on sale. You can therefore search through these advertisements and select the property, which suits your needs the best.

With the help of the above methods, you can buy a dream cottage property for your own stay, or for renting out as well.

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Devon Cottages

By Andrew John Cocks | Holiday Cottage For Sale

Devon Cottages

When you go on a family vacation you want holiday accommodations that are rather distinctive. For years numerous vacationers have been attracted to the South Western of Britain. One other best loved alternative to the routine accommodations every year for numerous people to unwind in comfort is the Devon Cottages. 

The one place that really is a getaway that you can truly enjoy is Devon. You can enjoy your vacation holiday in your own personal way during a self catering holiday that is one if the most loved of all the many different types of vacations. Usually, every day is very diverse with many visitor attractions, beauty, leisure time, visitor attractions, and sports activities during the lazy, lengthy holiday days that you can experience just the way that you want to. 

A vacation at the Devon cottages is a very attractive selection and your days will be filled with high quality activities.

When you want a vacation that offers a great value at an affordable price, the accommodations are deluxe and exactly what most people want for a modern vacation. You can research the area and fully enjoy the many leisure pursuits and sports activities during the brief break of three or four nights.

There are sporting activities such as mountain bike riding, whitewater rafting, canoeing, and surfing that you can enjoy with all of your good friends during adventure weekends. There are some cottages in or near to some of the most places that are well known such as Honiton, Dawlish, and Torquay to name but a few. Regardless of the area in Devon that are all very popular such as Torquay, Exmore, and Llfracombe you can find cottages that will fit your requirements. 

In addition, the vacation cottages in Devon will also provide a very good vacation. The cottages in Devon will sleep as many as eight people which will provide sufficient room for your whole family as well as your friends which will make this vacation very affordable. You can enjoy some time off and escape while there is always something to do in Devon during anytime of the year.

Sometimes the weather in the UK may sometimes be somewhat inclimate and that situation might affect the amenities that you might choose with your accommodations. Most of the Devon cottages have additional amenities that include swimming pools and hot tubs and there are many other alternatives that are near the cottages. There are numerous reasons that Devon will be your favorite vacation retreat and the cottages in Devon will help to make it very special.

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