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Rental Real Estate- A Lucrative Property Option

By Andrew John Cocks | House Rental Real Estate

Rental Real Estate- A Lucrative Property Option

Article by Robin Smith

Are you worried about the high costs of Alabama real estate but still wish to own your dream home? Are you planning to spend your vacations in New Jersey but are tensed about the high costs of accommodation facilities? Buying rental property for all such desires can prove to be really useful and beneficial. Also, purchasing these rental real estates serves as a famous type of property investment these days. These rental real estates can pay great dividends in future times to the owner. Although being a landlord proves to be a bit challenging, but still it is a good way to enjoy as a successful investor.

There are different types of residential rental real estate available from which one can choose including:

Single family rentals: The houses are attractive to serious investors for the main reason that these properties offer the most convenient way to perform the real estate investing. Other reason that makes these types of rental properties admirable is that the investors can gain equity quickly during periods of increasing prices.

Low income housing: Small houses and mobile house in due need of maintenance and repairs possess their own separate category. But investing in these types of rentals can prove to be more problematic and time consuming as the tenants generally do not pay rents on time.

Small multiple unit rental real estates: Between the apartment buildings and single family homes, there are triplexes, four plexes and duplexes. There are a large number of people who buy these properties to live in a single unit and get equity gains from entire property.

These rental properties can serve as great investment in cases when you want to go on holidays with your loved ones to Florida, Michigan or South Carolina. So, if you already have an accommodation in the travel destination where you are planning a trip, you do not actually need to take tensions of booking the rooms in hotels or guest houses. Also, for all those who are looking forward to have rental apartments in New Jersey can consider options in Newark. This place has seen great development as far as housing options are concerned. The place has options of affordable, low income, low rise, luxury, upscale condos and apartments available for rent.

In addition, with the car parked just outside the vacation rental, it is actually convenient to take an easy daytrip to discover the rich history of Alabama. You can easily venture to the Bon Secour National Park Wildlife Refuge in order to explore the wildlife and birds. You can even take deep fresh air breaths in the amazing beauty and natural landscape of Alabama. Needless to say, it is wise to take rental properties near to the parks, schools and shops. It is also important to make sure that the rent agreement is clearly understood in order to avoid any future hassles. The rent and the renting period needs to be settled in advance so to enjoy a happy stay. So, both renting property to tenants and living in rental real estates serve as great and lucrative option.

The author is an expert with comprehensive knowledge on real estate rentals. He is also specialist dealing in foreclosures real estate appraisals and financing and home mortgages as listed in real estate rentals directory.

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10 Tips For Wise Rental Real Estate Purchasing

By Andrew John Cocks | House Rental Real Estate

10 Tips For Wise Rental Real Estate Purchasing

Article by BIll Millikin

There are many rules of thumb and just good business practices for rental real estate investing. Here are 10 ideas that can save you a lot of time, money and effort with your rental property investments.

Think like a business owner or business buyer instead of a home owner or home buyer. Find out about the rental market for housing in the area where you’re thinking of buying. Inspect the property and inquire with local government offices about laws regarding rental properties in the area, thus knowing before you purchase, whether the area, the property of local laws will make successful investing difficult.

Prepare to make improvements on the property. Think ahead. Build the costs and time into your plan. If you don’t, getting a unit ready to rent could take much longer and be more costly than you expect.

Expect to pay more in points and interest for an income property than for a home you live in. Lenders consider a loan on income property to be riskier, so they charge higher interest and/or points.

Pre-screen tenants carefully. Don’t rent to just anyone who’ll give you a deposit. You might have potential renters fill out an application. You can check their credit, employment and rental history if you want to.

Stick by the rules you give your tenants. For example, if you say, “No pets”, don’t make exceptions. Don’t invite trouble by letting tenants ignore rules.

Choose rental properties that are close to home. Don’t spend your profits traveling to manage your property or paying for long-distance repairs.

Don’t be afraid to make a low-ball offer to the seller. Remember, you must think like a business owner.

Look at “competitors” near the property you’re investigating. Do they have lower rents, vacancies or amenities like washers and dryers in the units?

Insure yourself and your property, not only against fires and hurricanes-protect yourself against potential lawsuits from tenants, tenant’s guests, etc.

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Housing Rental Real Estate in Denver-Rental Market Overview

By Andrew John Cocks | House Rental Real Estate

Housing Rental Real Estate in Denver-Rental Market Overview

Denver is a great place to live. He has an excellent infrastructure, many schools and excellent shopping, sports and other entertainment. Employment growth in the city, so there are also many job opportunities. You have to do is choose where to live. There are a lot of rental houses in Denver all those who have just moved to another location and / or do not want to buy a house, however. It is worth the search for a city and metropolitan area rental market to get an idea of what to expect as a tenant.

Just as in the real estate market, rental properties in the market is experiencing an adjustment in the last year or so. Home Rental demand has increased for many people with their homes foreclosed. Of people who have lost their property looking for houses for rent. Over the past year, a significant increase in employment of 2.2% in metropolitan areas, as well as increased demand for both.

This has led to price increases rental properties in Denver.

Nevertheless, the increase is not very high, because the supply for rent as well as the sustained increase. For a lot of foreclosures, real estate investors rushed to make a big bargains, buying foreclosed properties and offer them to the rental market. Statistics show that approximately 35% of all foreclosed properties are leased shortly after the ejection. This is automatically pulled down a little price. In general, home rental prices increased slightly, but is expected to remain stable, because the number of accredited district in the last few months of cuts.

According to recent statistics, homes Denver rental costs between $ 1.200 and $ 1,600 on average. It is quite accessible to middle-income families. The difference between the average price of a two-room apartment and a house with the same number of bedrooms are around $ 200, the house cost about $ 1,100 per month and the apartment rented for about $ 904 a month.

The difference is not very high, which is good because it gives tenants a wider range of options to choose from. It is interesting to note that the difference remains roughly the same in different types of three-bedroom properties, but will automatically jump over two times as compared to a four-room flats and houses.

Studios in Denver, the average rent is $ 790, and over two floors, is likely to be expensive. For rent two-bedroom duplex on average 2100 U.S. dollars. As you can see from the number of two-bedroom duplexes are more expensive than single-family homes with the same number or bedrooms.

In general, it can be concluded that the rental market conditions in Denver are currently tenants helpful and should be fully exploited. Accredited by the number of decline, while employment will increase. In turn, rents are expected to stabilize the housing market in the future.

This Month in Real Estate (US) November 2011 NOVEMBER Hello and welcome to This Month in Real Estate. I’m JAY PAPASAN. Our top story what kinds of homes are first time homebuyers looking for? We’ll have the answer in a moment. But first, the numbers. [NUMBERS] And now, our top story. According to a recent report from KW research … • Over half of all first time home buyers stayed in the same area where they were renting • More than three quarters of all first time home buyers purchased a single family detached home • Most first time home buyers purchased a three bedroom and two bath home For tips on buying right the first time, we turn to News You Can Use … NEWS YOU CAN USE When it comes to the decision between buying or renting, some renters think they simply can’t afford a mortgage. The reality is if you’re renting, you are already paying a mortgage — it just happens to be your landlord’s, not your own. Here are three secrets of homeownership that your landlord doesn’t want you to know … Number 1: Equity. You can build wealth through equity. Think of equity as a long-term savings account. Every month you pay your mortgage, a portion of that mortgage goes into that account. Number 2: Appreciation. You can build even more equity though appreciation. Think of appreciation as the interest your home earns over time. Number 3: Control. A home that’s yours means you won’t need your landlord’s permission to paint, renovate and make it a home of your own. If you’re ready to stop paying your landlord’s
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