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Canyon Lake Real Estate Still Doing Well

By Andrew John Cocks | Lake Real Estate

Canyon Lake Real Estate Still Doing Well

Article by Sean Donahoe

I was recently in Canyon Lake, Texas looking at real estate, deep in the heart of Texas Hill Country. Just north of San Antonio, Canyon Lake is one of the most beautiful areas I have ever seen. Now, just so you understand, I currently like in California High Desert which surrounds me with sand and Joshua trees. So arriving in Canyon Lake, Texas was an absolute pleasure with its exquisite lake views, forests and even deer roaming around like they own the place.

While the rest of the country seems to be suffering with plummeting prices and a tough real estate climate, it has only been a minor dip in Canyon Lake and the areas surrounding Canyon Lake. It seems that Canyon Lake real estate is still very much in demand. Many people move there for a second home or retirement and I met quite a few new residents to the area in my hunt for a bargain. Many of these people seem to have moved away from the busy suburbs of San Antonio but I also met many Californians, like myself, who wanted some fresh air and to feel that warm Texas welcome that I had heard so much about.

After speaking with my local realtor, Clint Isley of Blue Water Real Estate, I discovered that many people were in the same situation I was in. Looking to move my overpriced California home and get a larger Canyon Lake home for a fraction of the price the same home would cost in California. Clint, a true Texan in every shape of the word, gave me the real story about Canyon Lake real estate and the real estate industry around San Antonio. It appears that the main reason for the stabilized prices is that San Antonio is still undergoing economic growth despite the countries general ecumenical slow down or reversal and that has really stimulated the local Real Estate market to even out.

Clint admitted he was concerned that Canyon Lake real estate and real estate in other areas such as New Braunfels and areas surrounding the Guadalupe River would see the dramatic downturn seen in other areas of the country but is glad that this has not transpired.

He also cited that the demand for luxury living and peoples ability to sell overpriced properties and being able to walk right into a larger sized house for a lot less money really helped the influx of people to the area.

So did I find a Canyon Lake real estate bargain? I searched Canyon Lake and the surrounding areas as I really wanted to be in the heart of the luxurious Texas Hill Country. I am very fond of the lakes, forests and especially the warm Texas welcome. I found a nice house just outside Canyon Lake on a nice deer preserve (I like wildlife, it’s the Scotsman in me) and I will be able to sell my home in California for a nice profit and already have a massive amount of equity once I relocate. Now all I have to do is sell my California home, wish me luck!

If you want to learn how you can get rid of that expensive home you are in and find a wonderful Canyon Lake Texas Real Estate opportunity like I did then you need to speak with my buddy Clint Isley of Bluewater Real Estate. He is the top Realtor in the area and knows Canyon Lake, Texas and the surrounding areas like the back of his hand. <a h

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