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Buy Homes For Sale In Vail – Keeping Your Credit History Clean Improves Chances Of Home Ownership

By Andrew John Cocks | Land Homes For Sale

Buy Homes For Sale In Vail – Keeping Your Credit History Clean Improves Chances Of Home Ownership

Article by Gateway Land and Development Co

A major part of growing up is having your own home, but that is not always possible for some people. The dream becomes faded when it comes time to secure a loan and pay for it. To determine if you are able to apply for a loan is based on your credit score; will it be good enough to buy a Vail homes for sale.

Your credit score also called FICO is a number given to someone based on the history of their credit such as the loans taken out, if they are paid off or not and any inquiries by another party about your report. Many things you want to purchase such as a home loan will depend on your credit score showing the importance of it. There are currently three major credit companies operating in the United States; Transunion, Equifax and Experian and they serve as monitoring and reporting agencies for everyone’s credit. Your credit score and financial history is reviewed by lenders.

When the home lender reviews your application they will pull your credit report from each agency and it’s probably that each will have a different score for your credit. They will use the median (middle score) of the three and use that for the review process. If one score is relatively high, don’t bother asking the lender to take that score instead when deciding your loan. At best one really high credit score will only skew the results in your favor.

Usually the scores range from 340 to 800 for the majority of the people. To be able to get a loan for Vail homes for sale, your score needs to in the range of 700. This isn’t very hard to achieve, as a matter of fact the majority of the credit scores are between 700 and 800. Before starting a home loan application, it is advised to pay to see your credit score, this way you will know whether you have a good chance or if you need to fix your credit.

If you do find that your credit score is less than 700 there are ways to improve your score and you can even apply for different loans that don’t require as high of a credit score. Work on paying off old debts and even opening small credit accounts from companies that report to the credit agencies and keeping those in good standing, to improve your scores. If your score is below 700 consider a non-traditional loan for a home, first time home buyer, or HUD loan; these loans help those with poor credit or low income. This is ideal for those with a poor credit score.

If possible, to be able to buy Vail homes for sale your score needs to be around 700. It is often thought by lenders that the higher the score the better the risk financially and although this thought is true at times, other times it is wrong. If you are confident you can able to take on a mortgage but your credit score is holding you back, look into another type of home loan.

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