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A House For Sale Needs A Professional Realtor

By Andrew John Cocks | Listings Houses For Sale

A House For Sale Needs A Professional Realtor

Article by Adrianna Noton

If you have a house for sale, there are many things to do in preparation for the listing. Assuming you want to get it sold fast, for the most money, this is no time to be slack in a market that favors buyers.

The first thing you need to do is choose a Realtor. This is not the time to be selling on your own. The market is swamped with properties, regular sales, foreclosures, bank owned and short sales. You need your property put in professional hands. Selling on your own takes time and attention to details. Only about ten percent are successful selling without a Realtor.

With a Realtor, you have the advantage of the Multiple Listing System. You are not limited to a sign in the front yard and an ad in the newspaper. With only a few prospective buyers straggling by, you will end up selling for less than your asking price and giving way on minor matters that come up. You will be haggling over every little detail.

In the listings database, your home is shown to all brokers and agencies in your area. With this listing, not only is your agent working to sell your home, but every agent locally. With a larger pool of prospective buyers, demand is created and you will get your price. Only licensed agents have access to this database, an important reason to go with a Realtor.

Realtors offer many other services that you may not think you need but will find you do. They will take the phone calls and set up appointments for showing. They will host the open house that will bring in potential buyers. They can see at a glance what the selling points of the property are and while playing down the lesser points.

When buyer is found, they have the correct forms and are prepared to get the ball rolling. They have lists of properties sold in the neighborhood so you know if your price is realistic or over-priced. They can tell you if you are priced too low, information that you would certainly wish to know.

A professional voice helps you handle the details such as determining if the buyer is qualified to purchase. They know how a mortgage works and what to do if there are problems with it. They can find out if a buyer has good credit. They can talk to bankers and advise the agent of the buyer if there is trouble.

A Realtor is familiar with escrow and whether or not you need an attorney. Then there is the home inspection. Most buyers will request one and you need to know how to handle an inspection that says your home is in less pristine condition than you may have thought. A Realtor will advise you on whether to fix things, give a discount or stand by your price. There are details involving titles, termites and tedious counter-offering.

You may want to think of staging your home. Putting a property on the market crammed with personal items, clutter, dirt and outdated furniture will not be looked upon by buyers with favor. Listing a hosue for sale without help, may not be the best way to handle all that is involved. It takes any number of professional skills and a Realtor more than makes his or her money. A professional will see that you get the best price in the most efficient manner.

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Listing Foreclosed Houses For Sale on the Web

By Andrew John Cocks | Listings Houses For Sale

Listing Foreclosed Houses For Sale on the Web

When you list foreclosed houses for sale on the web there are many things that you need to consider so the home looks as attractive as possible to potential buyers. These things include using photos, the information you provide, ease of maneuvering around the site, and much more.

The website you build to sell foreclosed houses needs to be extremely functional. If users have a hard time accessing pages and loading them then they will go elsewhere to view homes. Be sure there are no broken links on the web pages and that everything works fine. If you include a tour for users to view the home then be sure it is easy to use and all of the photos are compressed. Forgetting to compress photos is a big mistake that many people make and then they take way too long for the users to open the web page. The site may even crash a user’s computer which will only make them mad.

It won’t bring them back to your site to continue looking for homes.

The next consideration is that you must use photos of foreclosed houses for sale. Most people expect that there is some repair that comes with a foreclosure. However, some people assume that these types of homes need extensive work that will cost thousands. Photos provide up to date information about a home that doesn’t lie. Photos help you build credibility because the shoppers can see the exact condition of the home. This also saves the potential buyer time in deciding if they really may be interested in the purchase or not.

The information that you provide online is unlimited when it comes to listing foreclosed houses for sale. There is no excuse for omitting specific information about a home. If there is something that you noticed about the home that a potential buyer may want to know then you should include it.

Don’t assume buyers wouldn’t want to know something. Also, if there is something about the home that you think would deter buyers then you need to list the information. This will save you time in showing the home to people who see it and change their mind. Also, it will help you build credibility in the long run because you were honest about everything.

When listing foreclosed houses for sale on the web there are many things that you need to consider in order to be sure that you attract as many people as possible. Be sure you use up to date photos, provide accurate information, and have a fully functional site. These three things will help you build credibility and hopefully sell the house.

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Listing Houses For Sale

By Andrew John Cocks | Listings Houses For Sale

Listing Houses For Sale

Article by Glen Johnson

So you’ve listed your property for sale and you’re getting some all important exposure for it so that people know it’s available. What else can you do to ensure that it sells and that you get as much for it as you should?

Well obviously if the listing is sorted, the rest is about the house itself – how you present it and how tempting it is to those who look around it. What can you do to make sure your house looks like a good buy and lets you reel in the buyers once you’ve caught your viewers’ attention?

First of all the house needs to be clean – you should ensure that you’ve got your house tidier than it normally would be and that everything is polished and dusted. While anyone who buys the house won’t be inheriting your clutter and dust (and while they’ll know this) it’s still just common sense to ensure your house is looking its best when people are looking around it as it will make it seem more appealing and make it easier for other people to imagine themselves living there. The idea is that they’re going to ‘project’ their ideal home onto the four walls you’re providing so you want it to look like a blank slate. It’s somehow hard to get excited about a room with dirty glass and stained carpets and it can ruin that image. This means not only cleaning the inside of your home either, but also the outside – washing down the walls, adding more paint where necessary and brushing the leaves off the drive. All of this will help to improve their first impressions of your home, so that when they come down the road and pull up on your drive they’ll be impressed. This way they’ll start looking around your home already in a positive frame of mind and are thus more likely to be impressed and make a purchase.

For this same reason you should try not to clutter your house too much with your own things. This means works of art, collectables, ornaments, rugs and anything else that’s too ‘you’. The reason for this is again that it can stand in the way of them imagining the home the way they’d like it to look. For example, a young professional might be put off by lots of granny pattern or frilly curtains and will have a harder time imagining it as their own ‘pad’ or home office.

As well as cleaning and tidying you might also fix and renovate areas of your house where you think it will improve the value of your property to the extent that it’s worth the extra expense. For example, you might find that by adding an extra window in a particularly dark room you can increase the value by considerably more than the cost of the window and the installation. A smaller change might for example be to replace your door knobs with shiny new ones which can make a big impact on the whole house.

It is becoming more popular to list houses for sale privately. This helps save on agent fees. So the percentage of private house sales is also increasing.

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