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Luxurious Alternative – Luxury Cottage Holidays

By Andrew John Cocks | Luxury Cottages In Muskoka

Luxurious Alternative – Luxury Cottage Holidays

Whether traveling abroad or vacationing just a few miles from home, travellers are always met with the conundrum of where to stay for the evening. Most will choose a Luxury Hotel, seeking amenities and the comforts of home away from home. However, there is an alternative that many on Holiday may not even know about. With the same comforts of one’s own home or flat, Luxury Holiday Cottages give travellers a truly intimate experience.

Large Cottages are designed to offer even the most travel-hardened tourist with the features and amenities of a Luxury Hotel, but with the comforts and intimacy of home. From the moment one enters a Luxury Holiday Cottage, one will feel at ease, away from all the noises and crowded public spaces that Luxury Hotels carry. If privacy is important, one cannot get any more private than with Luxury Cottages, with the traveller and his party being the only people on the premises.

Do not let the word ‘Cottage’ confuse you, though, for some Luxury Holiday Cottages are quite spacious, with indoor pools, home theatres, and expansive lots leading out to any number of natural wonders.

Beach homes, mountain homes, lake homes and more, the Large Holiday Homes can fit any sized family with unparalleled comfort. And given their smaller size when compared to Luxury Hotels, Holiday Homes can fit close to areas of entertainment or in complete restful solitude.

Most Large Holiday Cottages are self-catered, meaning they have cooking facilities included, but not prepared meals. Giving an even further sense of being at home away home, these cottages allow the traveller to enjoy fare while even away from home. However, prepared and deliverable meals are available to those who wish for them, all services being merely a phone call away.

With all these comforts, it’s no wonder that Luxury Holiday Cottages are on the rise in popularity. What was once considered a rich man’s investment can now be even a modest family’s dream vacation. For a price not far off from a Luxury Hotel, travellers can enjoy all the comforts and luxuries of a true ‘Home Away From Home’.

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