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Bel Air or the Beach for Los Angeles Luxury Real Estate

By Andrew John Cocks | Luxury Real Estate Listings

Bel Air or the Beach for Los Angeles Luxury Real Estate

Article by John Smith

Due to its immense size and population, the greater Los Angeles area claims a number of communities that are each home to luxury real estate and each unique in their attributes and properties. Depending on the buyer and the ideal Los Angeles luxury real estate property, searching may consist of an area spanning several municipalities and communities. Whether a buyer is looking for a beachfront property, something urban, a hillside retreat or a traditional home in a suburban development, properties that fit the bill can be found within the Los Angeles luxury real estate market. The number of listings and the large area considered greater Los Angeles works to the buyer’s advantage in terms of matching needs and wants to available properties. There are disadvantages to searching for homes in such a large area, however, and potential buyers should be prepared to work against a high volume of other consumers and rising costs if offers become competitive.

There are few places off a coast in the continental United States that rival the Golden Triangle of Los Angeles in terms of prestige, cost and quality of life. Claiming the likes of Bel Air, Beverly Hills and Holmby Hills, the Golden Triangle offers residents amenities and accommodations as elite as their address would suggest. Many of the homes in this region, which sits among the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains and butts against the city in several places – are of the classic, palatial form. As one would gather from Hollywood renderings of Beverly Hills and Bel Air, many of the properties within their boundaries are Los Angeles luxury real estate listings with ample space and privacy among winding residential roads. Gates are prevalent, as well as well-manicured grounds and panoramic views afforded by the undulating terrain. Buyers looking for a dramatic property with classic or modern styles and room to roam should head for Golden Triangle listings.

The beach communities possessing Los Angeles luxury real estate listings are found up and down the coastline in a variety of forms and topographical situations. Potential buyers who dream of panoramic views of the sea can either live down at sea level in a beach community or up on the bluffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean in many places. A high percentage of the most valuable beach properties outside of Hawaii are found in Malibu. Malibu is comprised of a number of different beaches, some of which are more costly to inhabit than others. The ultimate in luxury, seclusion and cost is Carbon Beach. A run of sand located extremely close to the shops and restaurants of central Malibu, Carbon Beach is home to about 70 different homes. A reflection of its class and the cost of property in this region, Carbon Beach is commonly referred to as “Billionaire’s Beach”.

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