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Pickerel Lake Recovery Center Says Addiction Recovery And Wellness Is Now A Part Of Muskoka

By Andrew John Cocks | Muskoka Properties

Pickerel Lake Recovery Center Says Addiction Recovery And Wellness Is Now A Part Of Muskoka

Article by Donald Hood

(1888PressRelease) Without proper information local Muskoka residents are worried that there might be danger in the midst of Pickerel Lake Recovery Center. Sad truth is that Muskoka residents jump to conclusions far too often.

“Addiction becomes stigmatized and its just not right”, says Pickerel Recovery Center Director and Owner, John Haines. Mr Haines heard things like “I heard it was a treatment center for sex offenders”, “We now have our property value go down because of addicts and alcoholics in the community”, “We fear for our safety”, and “They will look for their fix and break into our homes”. “This is just outrageous to be stigmatized like this”, “It really makes me question who is really sick, the clients that seek treatment with us or these residents who judge so harshly”, says Haines.

The fact is that Pickerel Lake Recovery Center is a private and safe retreat for those that once suffered with addiction and now seek a new wellness, and a new life for themselves. Pickerel Lake Recovery Center provides a wellness retreat for those that require more than just a place to dry out and be in an institution or with dangerous drugged out individuals or street level alcoholics that look for a dry warm place to get some food and rest. Pickerel Lake Recovery is more for the elite, the executives and CEO’s or their family members that need a private safe secure facility to get wellness and Recovery as well as being pampered back to a productive and normal life while having reason and purpose to stay clean and sober. Pickerel Lake Recovery Center provides all the amenities found at most upscale resorts around Ontario while providing various therapies and counseling by seasons professionals that really care for clients wellbeing and overall physical and mental wellness. A further fact is that the confidential and private center has at times provided care to celebrities, various professional sports athletes and CEO’s of blue chip stock option companies.

Haines says, “The time has come that addiction is no longer pushed into the dark corners and stigmatized the people that suffer from this disease as Lowlife junkies, or drunks, just to name a few.” And goes on to say, “Today its executives, educated and respected individuals such as CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, business people, housewives and their beloved family members. Pickerel Lake Recovery Center caters to these such people and their families by offering a professional and respectable way to recover with dignity and respect and of course the great Muskoka atmosphere.” Executive Director John Haines decided that coming from the Toronto City center and a location also in the Toronto suburbs that people suffering from addiction could be far removed from the destructive shadow of the big city in which they once practiced their addictive lifestyle to learn how to recover and get back in touch with their true inner self.

The center is not paid for by the government nor by any health care insurance plan but rather a stay starts at $ 20,000 and up depending on stay length. However Mr. Haines maintains that the clients of Pickerel Lake Recovery Center and the business of recovery in Muskoka bring a much needed economical boost to the local area by purchasing and supporting local businesses and employing many local professional persons. Haines says, “we have found some of the best people for working at our center right here in Muskoka”, “My only wish is that eventually every resident will understand we need not be painted with the same brush as the traditional “Rehab” they may be so inclined to think we may be”, “I am open to discussion with anyone who really wants to know what we provide and who we provide it to”. At the time of this story many of the local residents in the area have come to meet and speak with Haines to satisfy “what the real story is”.