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Tucson Real Estate for Sale

By Andrew John Cocks | Real Estate 4 Sale

Tucson Real Estate for Sale

Article by TucsonRealEstate

Tucson real estate for sale is not so hard to find considering the number of websites and real estate agents that are available for consultation. Many of them provide photos and detailed descriptions of the homes available for sale. The nice thing about Tucson real estate for sale is that it goes both ways. You will be able to sell and advertise your Tucson house too. Tucson is a beautiful city in Arizona that is home to the states first university, which is the University of Arizona. It is also home to a flourishing economy, a rich history and culture and many fun outdoor and indoor activities, which everyone could enjoy. There are currently many Tucson real estate for sale. The homes offered vary, there are small homes, town houses, single family homes and large beautiful homes located in gated, luxurious communities in the city. The best way to sell your house is to be able to advertise it properly. People will not know that your house is for sale unless you make it known to them. Make sure that you have ideas of how to market your house well. There are proper ways and guidelines to do this and you may consult an expert on this matter or even find reliable and credible tips online. There are a few listings of Tucson real estate for sale. Among these is a two bedroom, 953 square feet town home at Sun County Boulevard priced for $ 65000. Along Palo Verde Avenue is a 3 bedroom single family home that is priced at $ 43, 500. A nice one bedroom condo priced at $ 114, 000 is located at Calmridge Lane and a newly constructed 4 bedroom, two story home along Red Snapper Way is priced at $ 176, 990. There is also a beautiful 2, 285 square feet, four bedroom family home with a pool along E Skyline Drive priced at $ 465, 000. These are examples of the variety of Tucson real estate for sale that you could choose from. Prices usually vary depending upon the quality of the home and its location. The important thing is that you know what you are looking for and you are aware of what you can afford. There is hundreds of Tucson real estate for sale out there and you only have to be patient to find the one that you really want. If you are selling your property, it is also most helpful to advertise it well because your home might be the perfect one for someone out there who is searching.

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Real Estate 4-Sale with a Cell Tower

By Andrew John Cocks | Real Estate 4 Sale

Real Estate 4-Sale with a Cell Tower

Article by Andrew

Whether you are the real estate listing agent or the owner of the ‘for sale’ property you are faced with what I call the ‘cell site enigma’. What is this enigma. Let me expound on this.

Most cell tower landlords face a delima on how, when or even if they should sell off the cell site they have on their property. In a nutshell, the owners are afraid to sell off the cell tower because they are afraid that a buyer will be turned off by the fact that there is an ugly tower and they will get no monetary benefit from the site, which I suppose has some validity.

The problem comes when the property owner starts believing that because his/her property has an income built in, there should be a higher price for the property.

Reality is harsh. Buyers won’t buy a cash flow (cell site rent checks) because the lease is subject to cancellation by the carrier with little as 30 days notice and for any reason. Even if the buyer wanted to pay more, no bank will lend the buyer additional funds to buy it.

There are a couple of plausible solutions. You choose.

1. Keep the cell site yourself keep getting the cash flow.2. Sell the cell site or sell ½ the site and get a lump sum and a partial lease payment3. Sell the site having a cellular buyer in the wings and advertise the property at a discount as the proceeds from the cell site can often be quite large.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a cell tower get in the way of a property sale because of this enigma. The cell tower or roof top is an asset that can’t always be valued, but has great value. Ask any real estate appraiser and don’t forget to show him/her a copy of your lease with the ‘termination’ language.

The good news is that there are a number of ways to make lemonade with the lemons given you. In this case I guess it would be ‘enigma-ade’.

Need to talk over your particular cell site delima? We can share some ideas with you that just may make your property more attractive. Our service is free to cell site owners. We’ll never charge you a fee. Click and visit the Cell Tower Broker site.

You a real estate salesperson/broker? I’d love to speak with you also. This is a niche market, but a very lucrative one.

With 40 plus years in the financial arena Andrew has experience in Mortgages, Real Estate, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Insurance and recently Cellular Tower Acquisitions as a Cell Tower Broker representing cell site owners.