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Tools to Market Real Estate Listings Online

By Andrew John Cocks | Real Estate Listings Sites

Tools to Market Real Estate Listings Online

Article by RealSpace Tours

If you need to find more buyers for your listings, you?re not alone. Many agents have trouble grabbing the interest of home shoppers, especially online. We?ll be discussing 3 tools that can be used to present your listings to more buyers than ever before.

NewslettersBuilding a list of addresses that are interested in your and in your market can be invaluable to your real estate sales efforts. Lists can be online or offline, but either way they use the same techniques. Online lists are easier and cheaper to build, but offline mailing lists have a more personal feel. The best way to market your list is to send your subscribers valuable content on a regular basis, maybe a newspaper article of a story in your local market. This helps build trust and rapport with your audience. It?s also okay to send your list info on your most recent successes, as this will build credibility in your reputation to sell homes. When it comes to marketing your listings, however, newsletters can be even more valuable; remember, your list is comprised of dozens (maybe hundreds) of local residents that could be interested in buying a home, what a perfect audience to market your listings to! As soon as you secure the listing, send your entire list a brochure or link to a virtual tour of the home.

Setting up a BlogThe value of using blogs in real estate is invaluable. By setting up a blog through WordPress, and regularly talking about your local market, you?ll begin to build a strong reader base in your local area. Then, as you start to build listings, a quick post on your new home for sale will have hundreds of interested eyeballs specifically from your local market. This is a great way to sell your listings faster and find more clients who may want to sell their homes as well.Blogs can work great to help build your newsletter as well. Many blog owners have a form where users can sign up for their mailing list right from their blog ? a great way to cross promote online strategies.

Creating Virtual ToursFinally, surveys have found that over 80% of home buyers search online before anywhere else. As a real estate agent, this is something that you can?t overlooked. Buyers have also shown that they are more likely to pay attention to homes with a great online presentation and more pictures than one with less photos and information.Using virtual tours in this market is simply not an option; with competition rising, homes sitting on the market longer and listings coming fewer and farther between ? having a strong online presentation for your listings is imperative. Once you have a strong online presence, however, it?s important to ensure that your tours are getting noticed. To do this, make sure you link your tour from your blog, your mailing list, all real estate listing sites (, Trulia and others) and promote through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Try building a strong newsletter, setting up a blog, and using effective virtual tour software, you?ll be ahead of the competition and ready to get your listings sold faster and easier than ever before.

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Real Estate Listing and You

By Andrew John Cocks | Real Estate Listings Sites

Real Estate Listing and You

Article by Scott Sullivan

Registering your home with a reliable realestate listing is a great way to sell your home. Posting your home on a listing is a reasonably priced way to attempt to sell your home. Despite the fact that most people let a realtor list their home, you can do it yourself. Many people choose to list their available on the internet.Because of the evolution of the internet, online listings are truly idea. These sites allow people to find realestate locally as well as internationally. If you want to sell a piece of real estate, online listings are a great tool.The market is not what it once was; there is an abundant number of homes available at reasonable prices, so sellers must be frugal when it comes to advertising their homes. Because of the high visibility of the internet, the ability to update listings, and the low relative cost, many homeowners are looking to list their realestate online. Free online real estate listing sites are available, too. The only concern with these is that they are trustworthy and do not have hidden fees.

Online is not the only option for listing your real estate. Because not everyone looking to purchase uses the internet, there are other cost-effective ways to list your real estate. Non-internet listings should also be researched before you list your home.

One great place to list your home outside of the internet is in a realestate newspaper or magazine. Your real estate will land in the hands of people who may not be using the internet. Real estate newspapers and magazines are free for the person shopping for a home, so they tend to be very popular. When trying to target the older shopper, this may be your best bet as they are less internet savvy.

Most localities have a organization; they also list homes. These offices do not require you to be a realtor to list a home. If this sounds like the route for you, you should contact your local organization.

If the cost of listing your real estate is less important, using a local realtor is definitely an option. Finding the right realtor for you is an important process. Not every realtor is created equal. Make sure you choose a realtor who has a proven track record of sales in your area with your type of Calgary MLS real estate.

Selling a home can be an emotionally exhausting process. Always research before jumping into something. Do you have the confidence to sell your real estate without assistance? Do you have a tight advertising budget for your listing? After you look at all of these facts, choosing an appropriate Just Listed Calgary option is much easier.

Scott Sullivan

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