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Hill Country Real Estate for Sale: Getting Your Vacation Home

By Andrew John Cocks | Vacation Real Estate For Sale

Vacation Real Estate For Sale
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Hill Country Real Estate for Sale: Getting Your Vacation Home

If you want to live the ranch life or find a vacation home tucked away from the city, invest in a Hill Country Texas real estate for sale. When looking for a vacation home, formulate plans and focus on areas where homes have steady appreciation rates. Your plan includes your goals. In this case, your goal is to live in a ranch and enjoy the beautiful scenery Texas offers. Your property there can be both an investment and a vacation home where you can seek refuge from your hectic schedule and bond with your family.


After you assess your goals, list down the things that you look for in a vacation home. You can travel to the south of Texas and experience its people’s way of living. You can learn about the place and its culture by mingling with the locals.

Look for popular restaurants and other stores. You can also ask residents about how the place looks like during off-seasons.


To know whether the vacation home you are choosing is a good investment, look into other home sales in the community to check the track records on resale values. If you think of renting your vacation home, do your research. Some communities allow monthly rentals. Hire an experienced agent to help you with the home-buying process. Your agent can help you search for the right Hill Country real estate for sale and decide which property matches your criteria.


The next step is to consider your finance options. If you decide to go for mortgage financing, go to a local lender in the area you are buying. A local real estate agent is familiar with the market there. Keep in mind that there are stricter guidelines when qualifying for a mortgage. If you qualify for a mortgage, you have to pay a higher interest rate.


Consider the property taxes, utilities, homeowners’ association fees, and other related expenses, when buying a vacation home. The interest on the mortgage of your home is reduced. An investment property comes with deducted taxes, such as depreciation of the real estate itself and personal property. In some cases, owners can use the property for a short period of time, like for two weeks in a year, only to take advantage of certain tax benefits on rentals. You can consult with a tax professional such as a national qualified intermediary to know about tax-deferred exchanges.


Remember, a vacation home is also an investment.  Make sure that when you choose a Hill Country land for sale, it has everything that you are looking for.

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