Condos: Perfect Retirement Real Estate

Article by Antoinette Ayana

Even in our shaky American economy where retirement funds are being re-appropriated to help with monthly bills and emergency savings accounts are quickly depleted to fill gaps left by unemployment, most of us still think about that glorious day when we get to retire. That first morning waking up without an alarm clock will be dramatic and significant for many hardworking Americans across the country. We feel like we have invested our best into our families and our careers and now it is time to take a little relaxation and recreation for ourselves.

Many retiring individuals and couples have houses that are far too big for them. All of the children have grown and moved on to have children of their own. The house may feel just right around holiday season when everyone comes back to visit, but for the rest of the year, it’s just too big. There is absolutely no need to keep paying expensive monthly energy bills on a property that is larger than you need. Due to this, many retired couples are looking to invest in property. One of the most sound retirement investment properties continues to be condos.

Whether you are thinking of a little space on the beach or in the mountains, condos are available across the country and around the world. Most retired couples enjoy the smaller space because it is less to clean and costs less to keep warm or cool. Instead of having everyone over to your house for the holidays, you can fly to visit them and let them clean up the big mess after everyone has gone. Condos are perfect retirement communities and many have tenants that are also retired in order to foster an atmosphere that is appreciated by everyone that lives there. Your neighbor is likely to be just like you and you both can enjoy the golden years without alarm clocks.

If you are considering retiring and planning for your future in the next couple of years, it is in your best interest to look into retirement real estate such as condos. There are beautiful units available right on the beach so that you can enjoy the sand and surf year-round. If mountains are more your style, properties in popular tourist destinations that provide quick access to ski facilities are also available. In addition, if your condos are in popular tourist destinations, you have the option of renting it out or sharing in a time-share facility in order to save you even more money year-round.

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