Crofters Cottages For Sale in UK

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Crofters Cottages For Sale in UK

The United Kingdom of Great Britain is a sovereign state and is located off the northwestern coast of continental Europe. Great Britain is connected to France by the Channel Tunnel. It is not only one of the biggest countries in the world, but it is also famous for its holiday cottages. There are a huge number of holiday cottages in the UK for your accommodation.

Crofters cottages in the UK promise you absolute luxury and class and accommodation of the highest standard. The flooring has under floor heating, which feels superb on the feet. The cottage gives you a relaxing environment for a romantic getaway. There are many crofters property available for sale, a few of the best Crofters cottages that are available for sale in UK are:

1. Crofters Cottage Highland

The property sleeps a maximum of two people and pets are not allowed here.

The cottage is furnished to a five star standard and during your stay you can enjoy breath taking views of the surroundings. The cottage is even powered by Ground Resource Heat and uses very little local grid electricity. The rooms have Cable TV, DVD, and flat screen Television. Free internet access and satellite TV facilities are also available. Outside the cottage you can enjoy a small picnic as a garden table and a few chairs are kept there for your convenience.

2. Shepherds Little Box Highlands Cottage and Crofters Cottage

This is a 200-year-old stone barn that is located on a traditional Welsh Farm in an isolated setting. You can relax in their private garden if you are a tired traveler. Some of the best amenities that they offer are: a log fire, heated restrooms, and a fully furnished kitchen room.

It is located nearby many sandy beaches. A welcoming and refreshing Welsh Tea awaits you. Just come here and spend some quality time with your family and friends.

3. 15 Number Croft

Located by the River Ewe this is a semi-detached property which is quite spacious and comfortable. Both the cottages 15A and 15B are comfortably furnished to meet the needs of each and everyone. They also provide ample car parking space. The kitchen room features microwave oven, fridge and automatic dishwasher. It is simply a complete package in terms of accommodation.

These are some of the top most crofter cottages in the UK for your accommodation. They are simply irresistible for all tourists. Enjoy your vacations.

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