Finding A Suitable Property For Sale In Curacao Online

By Andrew John Cocks | Waterfront Properties For Rent

Finding A Suitable Property For Sale In Curacao Online

Article by Mercedes Jones

This island offers prospective buyers of PROPERTY FOR SALE IN CURACAO an opportunity of living in a area seeped in cultural diversity and interesting history. The Spanish were the first Europeans to visit this island which was originally inhabited by Arawak Amerindians. Decades later the Dutch colonized the island and set up a viable thriving trading center. It became home to many a pirate and was a major slave trading center.

The Dutch and Spanish influence is to be seen in the waterfront UNESCO world heritage site as well as in other plantation homes scattered around the island. Many surviving slave dwellings from a shameful time of its slave trading history have been restored and people can visit these places of interest nowadays. Being closely situated to South America meant that many influences from those countries impacted on Curacao.

With world power changing hands regularly between France, Netherlands and Britain during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Curacao experienced frequent ruler and governing changes. With rich oil deposits discovered close by in the beginning of the twentieth century the Dutch built a large oil refinery there to service this industry and this created job opportunities and many people streamed into the country. Currently tourism is its biggest money earner and is actively promoted world-wide.

The tap water is potable and has no chloride and little calcium. For three months from October to December the island experiences rain. With a regular daily eight hours of sun and an average temperature of twenty seven degrees this is a very mild and delightful climate to live in.

The only public transport on the island is buses that service the city and hinterland of the island. Airlines from North and South America and Europe fly in and out of Curacao regularly.

Branches of reputable banks have offices on the island and regularly finance mortgages for home buyers. The taxes and home-ownership benefits are stacked in an owner’s favor and people wishing to purchase a property should ensure that they are aware of everything revolving around the purchase of a home.

For the best deal and to benefit from first time buying incentives a purchaser should endeavor to buy a PROPERTY FOR SALE IN CURACAO in its building stage. However there are numerous other existing properties for sale around this island paradise that can be found in every level of budget bracket. By going onto the internet a person can peruse these informative sites at their leisure.

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