Holiday With Your Pet, Booking Pet Friendly Holiday Cottages

By Andrew John Cocks | Cottages 4 Rent

Holiday With Your Pet, Booking Pet Friendly Holiday Cottages

Article by Karljackson

Most people are re reluctant to leave their pets behind while going on a holiday. It is a fact that many holiday cottages do not allow you to take your pet with you and the onus is therefore on you to find out the right pet-friendly cottage. After you succeed in identifying such a cottage, you may have to ensure the following:

• Your pet is fitted with a microchip at a veterinary surgery and vaccinated against rabies.

• The vaccine should be administered for safe level of protection against rabies with a blood test.

• In many countries, a mandatory six month waiting period must be there between the rabies vaccination and blood test and the permit to travel.

• Obtain an official PETS certificate after fulfilling all the formalities.

• Your pet may not be allowed to travel without prior booking in many destinations.

• As a rule, many airlines will not transport pets. You have to check on this.

• It may be worthwhile to take out an insurance policy for your pet while travelling long distances.

• Remember to carry your pet’s own bedding and any favorite toys to help them feel at home at the holiday cottage.No airline will allow pets under the age of 8 weeks to travel, because of the risk of severe dehydration. For pets older than 8 weeks, ensure they have plenty to drink prior to being checked in. If you think that your pet may suffer from anxiety or fear in enclosed places, it may be a good idea to sedate your pet prior to check in.

As regards overseas travel, some counties require that your pet remains in quarantine for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to travel. To know the rules and procedures, it will be advisable that you consult a pet travel consultant.

When looking for a getaway it can often be difficult to find pet-friendly accommodation that provides the home comforts and special luxuries that you may want. That is why self catering cottages are usually the ideal choices as many of these properties are likely to be pet-friendly.

There are scores of pet-friendly cottages to be found in many parts of the world. Some of these pet-friendly cottages might be traditional homes that have all the appliances and amenities you would require for your pet’s stay. The self catering holiday cottage that you choose need not be limited as there are now a large number of cottages for rent that accept pets.

When you search on the Internet, you will come across many pet-friendly cottages in all holiday destinations of the world. Many holiday cottages fully outline their pet policies on their websites.

They will provide you with great value and comfort for your money. These pet friendly cottages may be period properties that will have all the features you would expect including home comforts as well as luxuries like four poster beds and cozy fireplaces.

Even if you plan on buying your dog fresh food every day, you must carry dry or canned food to meet emergency situations. Remember to take food and water bowls and some fresh water so that your pet can keep hydrated en-route.

It is important that you be sure to reserve your accommodation well in advance and have a list of questions ready to ask, such as where your pet will be allowed to sleep at night and whether it can get the right type of food and if any veterinarian will be within reach – in case of emergencies.

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