How to Get Real Estate Listings with Facebook

By Andrew John Cocks | Get Real Estate Listings

How to Get Real Estate Listings with Facebook

Article by Mark Ellis

When faced with the daunting task of marketing yourself, attracting clients and gaining listings, you are going to need every method you can think of to get noticed. In real estate sales, social networking is part of the real estate agent’s marketing mix in both representing properties and attracting clients. As you no doubt realize, over the last ten years real estate marketing has changed with the intervention of the Internet. With social bookmarking sites like MySpace, Twitter and the new juggernaut Facebook, social networking has gotten a real boost. Facebook, in particular, has really developed a web of opportunities that real estate professionals can use.

Geographical Targeting with facebook

One of the immediate benefits of Facebook that often gets overlooked is in the area of geographical targeting. With a Facebook account, a Realtor or agent could easily connect with people in his or her geographical area. All you need is an account with Facebook, which has a very easy method to sign up. Once you have that taken care of signing up, you can begin setting up your personal profile. When you set up your profile, make sure you set up an address of where your office or target area is. The reason this is important in Facebook is because it will allow Facebook to give you suggestions of people that are in your area that you can make friends with.Once you have your account and profile set up, you can then begin searching for professionals in your area that are related to your real estate marketing efforts. For example, you can perform a search for mortgage brokers by simply typing in “Mortgage Brokers, Richmond VA”. Facebook will then give you a list of people, in their search function that are related to that. However, it should be noted that Facebook can be kind of tricky with its search function and you will have to experiment a little with it at first to get the results you want. You may have to perform a search of this nature with the “people” search function but you can also do a “group “search as well.

Start Making Friends

When you have been given a list of people that are involved in your niche or business focus, you can then connect with them by making friends with them. Actually, you can make friends with anyone that would seem to further your marketing efforts in your geographical area. All you have to do add a friend, is click or navigate to the person’s page (sometimes a list will be presented to you of potential friends), and then click on a button that says “Add to Friends”. After you do that, you will have to wait to be accepted by that person. One of the ways that you can easily get people to connect to you that I use all the time is to use a word processor to write an introduction. When you click the “Add to Friends” button, a little box will open up and allow you to add a personal message. I usually have a prepared introduction that I can cut and paste in the little box. I try to type in the person’s name into the introduction so that they can see that I merely want to connect with people that are interested in real estate.

I hope this article gives you some ideas on how you can use Facebook to connect and network with people in your target area. Make sure that you do not violate any of Facebook’s rules or make too many friends at once, because it could seem to be spamming by Facebook and they could cancel your account.

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