Real Estate Opportunities In the Current Economy

By Andrew John Cocks | Current Real Estate Listings

Real Estate Opportunities In the Current Economy

The economy change, the globalization advancing and markets reflect complexities and increases opportunities. It’s a new situation, changing and fascinating, open to the challenges of ideas.

Ernesto Preatoni International Real Estate offers not something on invest in, but something to believe in: a new investment style based on diversification, low tax rate and economic growth. To use the force of capital in the strengths points of the planet.

Ernesto Preatoni proposes a new business model . A success built around a simple and effective idea: exploit the opportunities created by countries in expansion, where the housing market reserve is still large prospects, focusing on to realities that are stable, secure and with a low tax rate.

The expertise gained in recent years allows us to compete with the major structures of the real estate world, and offer all clients investment opportunities until recently reserved for the few: a diversification tool that can sum up the security of a prudent investment and the profitability by a investment aggressively.

The international real estate is devoid of systematic monitoring of local markets, national or continental.

Hardly dare predictions and correlations with the country’s economy, with the money market and with current liquidity.

We do. The observatory regularly reviews our countries, indexes, factors, feelings of consumers and operators and the evolutive scenery of the sector in the world.

Ernesto Preatoni International Real Estate is the latest of the business realities of Ernesto Preatoni, a company created with the purpose of managing the sale of real estate in tourism character, residential and commercial, that are present in Eastern Europe, in Egypt and in United States.

To protect of investments, Ernesto Preatoni selects areas to intense economic growth, focusing on realities that are stable, secure and with a low tax rate.

To guide customers in the purchase of international ownership from investment, has been created a team of professionals who deal of all phases of transactions.

The experience and the ability to see far, demonstrated by personal successes obtained during the years, are the best guarantee for the purchase in freehold of villas, apartments, residences, shops and office specially selected for customers.

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