Role of Real Estate Listing Agent

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Real Estate Listing Agent
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Role of Real Estate Listing Agent

Article by Divya Sena

When you bought your home, you might perhaps use the services of a real estate agent. You found that agent through a recommendation from a friend or may be from your family member, or through some sort of the advertising or marketing. The agent might have also helped you in many ways and eventually you found the house of your dreams, made an offer, closed the deal, and finally moved in.

For whatever reason, now it is time for you to sell your home and you need a real estate agent again. Many home sellers, particularly those selling their first home really tend to think all agents are quite similar to the one, which helped them buy their home. For whatever reason, now it is time for you to sell your home and you need a real estate.

Although real estate agents could work with both buyers and sellers, they tend to focus more on one than other. When you bought your home, you maybe worked with a “selling agent” – an agent that works typically with buyers. Because of the nature of real estate advertising and the marketing, the public’s main image of the real estate investing profession is that of the selling agent (buyer’s agent).

As a result, many homeowners wait for their listing agent to do the same things, which a selling agent does i.e., find someone to buy their home. After all, they do the things you normally expect if they were searching for buyers. A sign goes up to the front yard. Ads are placed in the local newspaper and then in real estate magazines. Your agent actually holds an open house on the weekend. Your house is then proudly displayed on the Internet.

But this is just a “surface” marketing. More significant activity occurs behind the scenes. After the “for sale” sign goes up and flyers are printed, your agent’s chief job.

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