Summer cottage?s sewage water systems

By Andrew John Cocks | Real Estate Cottages

Summer cottage?s sewage water systems

From the year 2013 onwards, all real estate that does not belong to a municipal waste water network has to have its own waste water treatment system. That affects mostly the owners of a summer cottage (in Finnish, mökki), who are responsible for installing an appropriate purification system at their cottage.


Waste water treatment systems suitable for cottage use vary from simple filter systems to high-capacity waste water purification systems. Before ordering any, one should define what kind of system is needed for the cottage. If there is no need for a flush toilet, a simple and inexpensive system is good enough. With a flush toilet in use, one has to install a high-capacity waste water purification system.


The simplest sewage system is a well positioned under the sauna.

That well collects the waster water used for bathing, and absorbs the water slowly to the ground. The real waste water treatment system is like mini-size wastewater treatment plant: all sewage water is collected to a coagulation basin, from where it leaks to a process tank. In the process tank, living micro-organisms purify the organic matter from water, and chemicals are used to remove phosphorus. After this cleaning the purified water is returned back to nature.


Before purchasing any wastewater management system it should be noted, that all waste treatment system based on bio-chemical batch reactors are not suitable for cottage use.

Even the best models allow a maximum of approximately two months of downtime. If new sludge is not coming, happens so called sludge death, where purifying bacteria starts to eat each other. This causes the malfunctioning of the system.


There are some models of which the manufacturer have promised, that there is no need to add nutrient solution in order to maintain the cleaning process. Some systems are also equipped with wireless alarm system, which alarms when it is time to add the coagulant chemicals or empty the tank.


The cottage owner considering of adding the water closet to his cottage and installing high-capacity waste water purification system based on bio-chemical purification should be aware, that purchasing and installing the system may cost approximately 8000 to 10000 euros, construction expenses included. However this is a good moment to make this investment, since the system must be renovated according to the regulations anyway.

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