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Cottage Rentals In Ontario: Beauty Of Point Pelee

By Andrew John Cocks | Cottage Rentals Muskoka Ontario

Cottage Rentals In Ontario: Beauty Of Point Pelee

Article by Adriana Noton

The Canadian vacation industry is very popular in southern Ontario. Cottage rentals in Ontario are usually situated in areas, locally referred to as cottage country, catering greatly to local Torontonians. When they escape for holiday and the summer months they will habitually spread to three distinct regions: Muskoka, Kawartha Lakes or Haliburton municipalities. At least 2 million travelers aim for these holiday destinations to unwind and get away annually.

An infinite amount of vacation communities dot the coasts along numerous lakes and waterways throughout the country. In the southernmost tip of mainland Canada lays a particular lakeside gem in Leamington ON, called Point Pelee. The picturesque community in Essex County has a variety of bed and breakfasts and lake houses only four hours away from bustling Toronto.

Besides the spectacular lake community views of the sunset hovering over Lake Erie, it is a place worth mentioning because of its particular location. Point Pelee, sometimes called the Tip, is shaped into a fine tip of land pointing and extended into northern waters of Lake Erie. Jutting out from the city of Leamington, the peninsula is surrounded by secluded, clean and lengthy beaches immediately south of prominent Point Pelee National Park.

Known as the warbler capital of Canada, the Point Pelee National Park is particularly noted for its avid bird watching activities. Because of the migrating birds and Monarch butterflies passing through the area, the Festival of Birds event hosts hundreds of bird watchers that gather in honor of the migration and to be educated. Free shuttle service is available to cart enthusiasts to and from the national park to the Tip.

Cabin dwellers who appreciate nature will enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Nature lovers can hike or bike through the national park. There are at least seven self guided walking trails, including a floating boardwalk surrounded by cattails and painted turtles. Swimmers enjoy the lengthy natural beaches on the peninsula. Canoeing and Kayaking through the marsh land is available from July through Labor Day.

Vacationers can reach the Tip, by way of a large ferry, whose key stops include the Port of Leamington, Kingsville, Pelee Island and Sandusky, Ohio. Travelers can board with their cars, as long as a reservation is made well in advance. The ferry runs from April to mid December.

Many are not aware that the city of Leamington, from which the Tip is extended, cultivates an extraordinary abundance of vegetation growth. Because of the abundant growth of the tomato plant, and the H. W. Heinz factory built there years ago, it is referred to as the tomato capital of Canada. Every August Leamington hosts the Tomato Festival that celebrates the tomato season with parades, beauty pageants, locally made crafts, foods, wines and golf tournaments.

Whatever the day activities entail, vacationers on the Tip, can return and settle down at dusk, viewing the sunset lowering into the horizon of Lake Erie from their cottage rental. It then one would likely realize that the cottage rental in Ontario, amid the natural beauty was well worth the trek.

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Lake Chapala Real Estate’s Natural Beauty finds Protection in Local Organizations

By Andrew John Cocks | Real Estate Lake Country

Lake Chapala Real Estate’s Natural Beauty finds Protection in Local Organizations

Article by Jaime Niembro

One of the most attractive parts of buying Lake Chapala Real Estate is, of course, Lake Chapala itself, offering beautiful views of its water and the hills beyond, and a moderate climate. The natural beauty of the area around the lake makes Lake Chapala Real Estate perfect for country drives, biking, evening walks, horse back riding, and many other activities, not to mention just a pleasant place to live in. For this reason various groups of residents have organized themselves in the area to protect the nature, the cleanliness and the visual image of the lake and its watershed. These groups not only offer ongoing commitment to keeping Lake Chapala clean and beautiful, but also offer an opportunity for real estate owners to become involved.

One such organization is called “Corazon de la Tierra,” or in English “Heart of the Earth.” In addition to their efforts to protect the Lake Chapala area, they have also been making efforts to bring international attention to the Lake’s natural setting. At the World Lake Congress, which was held in Wuhan, China, from November 1-5, the organization presented the work they have carried out in the conservation and management of Lake Chapala and its watershed. In this work, the organization has the backing of the Ministry of Environment for Sustainable Development (SEMADES).

Monica Reyes Garrido, general director of Environmental Protection in the agency, said at a news conference early in November that the involvement of the environmental organization at the conference would help in bringing attention and support to the effort they have made over the past few years for Lake Chapala.

Alejandro Juarez, president of “Heart of the Earth,” explained that as part of the work that has taken place, the organization has also established a Center for Environmental Culture and devised a program for managing the lake basin. Centers such as this one are an excellent way for residents to begin involvement in such work, if they choose, or go just to find out what’s going on.

A new, more involved program is being coordinated by SEMADES along with the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas. It is expected to go into operation in January 2010.

In the previous World Congress of Lakes in Jaipur, India, Heart of the Earth was given the 2007 Kasumigaura Award, for the role it played in preserving Mexico’s largest natural reservoir.

Lake Chapala Real Estate will benefit from the ongoing cleanliness and attractiveness of the lake, the preservation of which is helped by efforts such as these. Some real estate buyers from the U.S. or Canada have also been involved in such efforts back home, and may be interested to be involved in similar efforts here. Or, as mentioned above, others may just wish to go and find information at the Center for Environmental Culture. In any case, we will all continue to enjoy the beautiful, green, countryside around the area.

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