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Presentation Folder Printing – Smashing up Your Real Estate Brokerage Competition

By Andrew John Cocks | Real Estate Brokerage Company

Presentation Folder Printing – Smashing up Your Real Estate Brokerage Competition

Article by Sarie San Pablo

What sets a real estate brokerage business apart from its competition? The majority would say customer service, innovation and image. Not all real estate brokerage firms are alike. They might offer the same products or properties but customer service sets them apart. Putting in mind the needs of their customers is one way of putting innovation a notch higher from their competition. However, image tops the factors that affect their competitive edge. Presentation goes with image. And taking into consideration how your clients view you is important. Your image is your key to a better roster of clients that would give you better revenue.

The best way to deliver the image you would want your real estate brokerage business to have is through professionalism. One way of achieving that touch of professionalism is through presentation folder printing. Going out on your sales call and presenting what you have to offer in an organized presentation folder would give the impression that you really mean business.

Many online printing companies offer cheap presentation folder printing services. Despite the affordable and discounted price, quality is never compromised. They give you the option to print it in a standard 9 x 12 size with pockets or pocket slots on the left or on the right of the folder. Pocket location is important in determining the aesthetic presentation of your folders as well. If you need assistance with conceptualization and design, printers have in-house designers who can assist you with a minimal charge. Most online printers provide PDF proofing and some even provide it with no upfront payment. They even give out free paper sample kits so you could see the paper your presentation folder would use.

Consider presentation folder printing. It would smash up your competition giving you a distinct image that would differentiate you among the rest.

Sarie San Pablo is a working mom, a passionate writer and a strong believer of balanced change. She started writing newsletters for a private company and recently shifted to online writing. She divides her time fullfilling her passion in writing, honing her craft and being a mom.

Deciding Between a Full-Service and a Discount Real Estate Brokerage Firm

By Andrew John Cocks | Real Estate Brokerage Company

Deciding Between a Full-Service and a Discount Real Estate Brokerage Firm

Article by Ryan Lynch

Trying to decide between a full-service real estate brokerage company or a discount service can be a difficult decision. After all, hiring a full-service real estate brokerage can result in paying tens of thousands of dollars in commission fees. At the same time, a full-service brokerage can offer a number of services that a discount service cannot. Therefore, it is important to take several things into consideration when determining which type of service is right for you.

Knowing the Marketplace

One of the most important things to take into consideration when deciding on the type of service you need is the marketplace. If it is a seller’s market, homes are selling quickly and at good prices, so you might not need a full-service brokerage to help you get your home sold at the price you are asking. If it is a buyer’s market, on the other hand, trying to move a home can be quite difficult. In this case, the expertise and extra work required to get your home sold at the best possible price may be worth paying a little extra.

Getting Professional Photos

Including quality photos with your listing is an essential part of getting it sold. Listing without photos are typically passed up completely by potential buyers and those with poor quality photos are generally dismissed. When you hire a full service company to handle the sell of your home, a professional photographer will most likely be brought in. He or she will take several photos and the full service company sort through the photos in order to find the ones that present the home in the most favorable light. The full-service agency will also have the photos cropped and resized in order to draw attention to the home’s most positive traits. With a discount service, on the other hand, you are not likely to receive a quality photo to help draw in a greater number of interested buyers.

Marketing Materials

Many discount brokerages do not bother with placing sign in the yards of the homes they have listed. Yet, these signs are an important form of advertisement that can help get your home sold more quickly. Some information that is generally found on these signs include:

* Main office phone number* The agent’s voice mail or personal cell phone number* A Web site address where more information can be obtained

The signage may also include specific information about the home that distinguishes it from other homes in the area.

In addition to placing a sign in front of your home, a full-service brokerage will also create a variety of other marketing materials to help sell your home. This may even include creating four-color flyers as well as direct mail pieces.

Simply put, you need to consider the market as well as the level of service you expect to receive from your real estate brokerage firm. If you want to get your home sold as quickly as possible and if you want to have a better chance of getting the price you are after, hiring a full-service brokerage firm is likely to be worth the extra cost.

Ryan Lynch is part of the marketing team for an Austin real estate company. They specialize in River Place real estate and Steiner Ranch Austin, and they help both buyers and sellers of residential properties.

Cost To Become A Real Estate Agent – Park Your Real Estate License With a Low Cost Holding Brokerage Company in Ontario, Canada

By Andrew John Cocks | Ontario Real Estate Companies

Cost To Become A Real Estate Agent – Park Your Real Estate License With a Low Cost Holding Brokerage Company in Ontario, Canada

Cost To Become A Real Estate Agent

What if someone told you to become a real estate agent trading in properties, whether it be homes or condos or even the commercial sector dealing with office buildings and/or industrial complexes? Well, was it a good idea? Does it seem that real estate agents these days, especially in and around Toronto and the general Toronto area are making a fortune? If you see a BMW or a Mercedes drive by what do you automatically think of? A Realtor maybe? Cost To Become A Real Estate Agent

Now let us come back down to the reality of selling real estate in Ontario. It takes about 6-8 months to actually go through the steps to acquire your real estate license in Ontario. Then you have to get registered with R.E.C.O and a real estate Brokerage under R.E.C.O. For those not familiar with the term, it is the real estate governing board in Ontario, known as the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

When you join a realty brokerage, you will be on some kind of a commission plan so when you make sales you will be paid whatever you and the Brokerage agree to. It could be a combination of commissions earned associated with your office expenses which may include an Office desk fee, franchise fees etc etc. Some offices or Brokerages even charge for faxes and may even hold you accountable for paperclips used. I am not joking here either.

Are you making a fortune yet? Sometimes you just have to slow down a bit and take a good look at your options as a real estate agent. Whether you just earned your real estate license or you are a veteran in the brokerage business there is now an option for you which is inexpensive and may very well save your license and career.

A R.E.

license holding company focuses their attention to the sales people that are not active or have become non-active in day to day selling activity. They are a R.E. registration holding company and referral system specifically catering to the sales people who want to maintain their registration with the R.E. Council of Ontario but do not want to participate in any Realtor board. Cost To Become A Real Estate Agent

These sales people may include those that are part-time, sales people that are taking a break from the business for a short while, or those that just want to wind down, but do not want to give up their registration. In joining a real estate license holding firm there are NO Real Estate Board fees to pay, just a small annual fee to them.

They encourage their sales people to refer any potential real estate activity to their Broker of Origin. They are a Real Estate Brokerage Firm and under R.E.C.O. and are allowed to trade in real estate, but DO NOT belong to any real estate board and DO NOT have access to any M.L.S. system.

What happens if you park your license with a Brokerage. Lets assume that you did this because you are taking a short break from sales, and then you decide to buy a house or sell your house in Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga or wherever you reside in Ontario? You again have options to choose from. Get back on the realty board with a board member, refer it out to a board member agent, list it with the Broker holding your license and send out fliers to all the agents working your area and tell them you are co-operating.

As you are noticing there are many advantages to parking or warehousing your license. The biggest and best advantage or benefit is that you will save a truckload of your hard earned money!

So, are you a new licensee in and wondering what Brokerage to join? Are you a veteran and changing careers, to part time, maternity leave or just taking a well deserved break? Do you want to keep your realty license active with R.E.C.O. and save it for future use? Now you have an option! Cost To Become A Real Estate Agent

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