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Real Estate Projects – Quality of Construction

By Andrew John Cocks | Real Estate In Parry Sound

Real Estate Projects – Quality of Construction

Article by Aliens Group

We often come across the woes of a home buyer in the consumer complaints column of the newspaper. For instance when the construction was started the building had a different plan and later the size of the floor plans for living space and even bedrooms were changed. There is no cross ventilation in the rooms which makes them unhygienic and unfit to reside in. The paint finishing is also floor and so is the wood polish. Within a few months of possession there is seepage problem in the kitchen and with the monsoons creating havoc in the city, life is unbearable. No sunshades were provided as promised and the tiles are placed in a poor fashion. The rates for modular switches he provided were double the market price of a quality brand. Even the sanitary fittings were not Parry ware.Does this sound familiar in real life? Almost all of us must have heard such complaints from first time buyers. We have also read news upon how buildings have collapsed and ugly cracks have appeared on landmark Residential Projects with the passage of time. All this and many more reasons make it absolutely essential for a home buyer to be aware of the Construction Quality of a Project.A home is for a lifetime unless we purchase it as an investment option. In India home buying is like a dream come true with thousands of sentiments attached to a new home and a new lifestyle. Yet simultaneously its also true that real estate is one of the best sectors to churn out money from and this generally leads to unscrupulous developers duping innocent home buyers.Hence it becomes absolutely essential that while buying a home an individual buys the concept and reputation of a builder as well. There are Builders in Hyderabad who have come out with techniques to ensure that there is no compromise on the quality while the construction progress slackens in the downturn. For instance Aliens Group has introduced a tower crane at the construction site which will help to fulfill the claim of the builder to build one of the tallest Residential Projects in Hyderabad. They have also introduced a raft foundation concept which will enable to speed up the construction process without compromising on the quality. Raft FoundationIsolated footing is used as individual foundation helps in transferring the load to the earth however limits load and cannot withstand extra load as there are no links between individual footings. Raft foundation is a mass footing/foundation wherein a single mass takes the load distributes uniformly over a large area and to the earth. This builds stronger foundation and increases the life of the building.The structure is built on RCC (Reinforced cement concrete) framework which gives well defined requirements during any eventuality.Normal building consist of columns which is designed on concrete frame structure cannot withstand heavy wind and earthquake force along with the dead load (building weight) and live load (people living in the building and things being used by them) which are acting continuously on it where as sheer wall in a building uniformly disperses wind pressure and get strong grip to the ground thus resist any external force. Sheer wall helps in uniformly distributing wind and light at all direction hence benefiting people living in any part of the building with proper ventilation and light.

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