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10 Tips For Training Sales Personnel – Keys For Retirement Housing Prospects

By Andrew John Cocks | Retirement Housing For Sale

10 Tips For Training Sales Personnel – Keys For Retirement Housing Prospects

By understanding how the older generation is different as it ages, retirement community sales staffs can overcome sales barriers and connect more effectively with prospects. The following is a list of Tips for Training Sales Personnel which may be helpful for your business.

Sales Tip #1 Connect with the right side of the brain
Explain living in your community by telling stories, relevant ones that touch emotions. Modern brain research shows that story telling increases the flow of adrenaline to the brain and helps us store and recall. Images are stored in a different place in the brain than the words that describe the visual.

Sales Tip #2 – Relate to their lives in retirement
They want to know what your community offers, and balance those against the experiences they want in retirement. Ask the specific question, “What do you want to do in retirement?” For older adults, the “what” is usually significant and very individualized.

Show them how your retirement community can satisfy their needs, and how you can help them do that.

Sales Tip #3 – Be authentic and trustworthy
Show you care about them as a person. They want to be treated as individuals not as prospects. They want to be able to trust you. Be authentic in your discussions with them. They are “professional consumerologists” with a lifetime of buying experiences. In particular, your face is a clue to whether you believe what you’re saying. Treat all their questions with respect and answer them respectfully.

Sales Tip #4 – Connect by relating to their families, and yours
The family is a deep, emotional feeling that drives all behavior. Show them pictures of your own children and grandchildren. Talk about them. More than 80% of people over age 60 are grandparents. Focus on the emotional connection between older adults and their grandparents. Describe way in which living in your retirement community can enhance those family relationships.

Sales Tip #5 – Control the physical setting
Make them comfortable in your office. Offer them the most comfortable chairs. Keep a couch pillow in plain sight that they can use to make themselves more comfortable. Have several sets of reader glasses nearby for them to use if they forgot their own. Use a large barrel pen so it’s easy for them to write. Avoid bright lights or outside sunshine; they can distract older adults from what you are saying. With age, we tend to have a attention-deficit syndrome like many youngsters.

Sales Tip #6 – Don’t call them “senior citizens” or “Boomers”
Research shows that about half of people of age don’t like these terms. Don’t use labels. If you must, refer to them as, “people like yourself, whom I deal with.” Treat them as individuals.

Sales Tip #7 – They take more time with decisions
They don’t always understand what you’re saying at that moment. Their central nervous system tends to slow with age. It doesn’t mean they don’t get it, it just means it may take more time to process it. Be patient. Typically, they are in no hurry to get things done. From experience, they know quick decisions are often regretted.

Sales Tip #8 Feelings, not intellect.
Decisions are made on the basis of feelings, not intellect. Intellect is used to understand; feelings are used to decide. When looking for a reaction to what you have presented, ask them, “How does that feel to you?” not “Does that make sense to you?”

Sales Tip #9 – Independence is what they want in retirement
Use words that depict people in their 60s, 70s and 80s as maintaining their independence in their retirement. It’s the key concept for selling your retirement communities. Give them several options and let them decide. A key attitude is they want things simplified but they don’t want to lose control.

Sales Tip #10 Analogies not analysis.
Because older adults often have difficulty following your reasoning and recommendations, you need to make it easier for them. Use analogies, metaphors and similes that mirror their value system. Give them anchors. Explain it by saying, “This is like that (analogy.)”

By Michael P. Sullivan, President, 50-Plus Communications Consulting Charlotte North Carolina, (704) 554-7863.
Mike consults and trains staff at retirement facilities, homecare living firms, financial services and health care organizations. His book, “101 Easy Ways to Increase Business with Boomerplus Clients” is available on his website, http://www.graymoney.biz Contact him at mps50plus@aol.com

Real Estate In The Current Housing Market

By Andrew John Cocks | Current Real Estate Listings

Real Estate In The Current Housing Market

Paradise Deferred – S. Elliott
If you’ve ever thought about getting away from it all and moving to paradise, you’re not alone.  The dream of perfect weather and carefree living has inspired many of us to toss out our ice scrappers and head for the islands, but living in paradise these days may require some patience, adjustment, and sacrifice. Honolulu is the seventh most expensive American city in which to live.

The median value of single-family owned and occupied housing in Hawaii is more than twice the national average.
Buying a home in Hawaii is an expensive proposition, but never more expensive than in the current lending market.  Beautiful beaches, glorious weather and the laidback lifestyle make living in the islands a dream come true.  But that dream is becoming a reality for fewer and fewer people who apply for loans, particularly in markets like Oahu where the median home price is over $ 400,000.

As a result of Wall Street’s current cautious approach to real estate, Hawaii is suffering a disproportionate share of the fallout.  Current reluctance to buy even well rated loans in the AAA range has had a profound short-term impact on the jumbo loan market.  Jumbo loans, those exceeding $ 400,000, have skyrocketed by more than a full point, leaving many buyers unable or unwilling to take the plunge.


Hawaii, with its highly valued real estate, is in the middle of this quagmire.  Lenders hoping that the higher premiums will jump start Wall Street, are concerned that the failure of this strategy will result in more than just a brief financial hiccup.  Disturbing new trends are reflected in lenders escalating rates on jumbo loans to a point and a half above conforming loans.  Historically, the premium spread is about a half to three-quarters of a point.

This new disparity is setting off alarm bells across the country, but nowhere more than in Hawaii, where it is fueling fears that a large number of motivated buyers and sellers will be crippled by the inflated price of these loans.

The current turmoil in financial markets can be attributed to the failure of two elements of the lending equation:  One revolves around the criteria that lenders use to determine which borrowers are most likely to repay their mortgages.  The second encompasses the pool of money available to lend.

Because of many recent loan defaults, banks are stockpiling cash as a precaution against further losses from bad investments; they have become much more cautious about how and to whom they lend. Traditionally this has been called a “credit squeeze”, but the fear is that, without an end in sight, we are headed toward a shortage of liquidity, a situation in which consumers have inadequate access to loans.

The prospect of a shortage of liquidity has far-reaching, global ramifications, potentially slowing economic growth on a global scale.  For Hawaii, this could be devastating.

Magnolia Grove Housing For Sale Or Rent in Oxford, Mississippi

By Andrew John Cocks | Houses For Sale Rent

Magnolia Grove Housing For Sale Or Rent in Oxford, Mississippi

Oxford, Mississippi is a beautiful small town and has been in fact voted as one the 100 Best Small Towns in America. This beautiful small town is the home of Ole’ Miss, the University if Mississippi. This southern town is nestled in beautiful landscaping and great shopping. If you are looking to purchase a home you do not want to miss out on these spectacular homes that are offered for sale at Magnolia Grove.

Magnolia Grove is located just a mile and a half from the University of Mississippi. Magnolia Grove is the ideal community for college living with its close proximity to local restaurants and shopping. Beautiful landscaping, a community pool, well cared for homes, friendly faces and southern hospitality are a part of the community living in Magnolia Grove.

Homes are available for sale and lease. The Sweet Bay home features four bedrooms with four and a half baths.

The Grande is a three bedroom home with three and a half baths. The Willow and the Ash have three bedrooms with two or two and a half baths. The Star is a small home that has two bedrooms and two baths. These homes are from 1158 square feet to 1675 square feet. Each home features a porch for quiet living and enjoying the serenity of the south.

Special features include nine foot ceilings which give the homes large open space to love and laugh. Some additional features include hardwood flooring in the great room, ceiling fans in the family room and master bedroom and large walk in closets. Covered front porches can be screened in on some homes. Granite countertops are also available in some homes. Maple or birch cabinets are featured in the open kitchens. These homes offer great livable floor plans that offer comfortable southern living.

It is easy to locate a beautiful home at reasonable prices.

Country living doesn’t get any better than living in Magnolia Grove. Select a home from the affordable, beautiful, well built homes with many additives and special features. The sizes of these homes offer something for everyone. It is easy to share a home with other students from the University of Mississippi as many of the homes offer private baths for each bedroom. When looking for Oxford Mississippi homes for sale check out the homes in Magnolia Grove.

Lisa Peeno works for Magnolia Grove Homes. For more info on the beautiful homes that are available in Magnolia Groves, check out their website at http://magnoliagroveoxford.com/

Housing Rental Real Estate in Denver-Rental Market Overview

By Andrew John Cocks | House Rental Real Estate

Housing Rental Real Estate in Denver-Rental Market Overview

Denver is a great place to live. He has an excellent infrastructure, many schools and excellent shopping, sports and other entertainment. Employment growth in the city, so there are also many job opportunities. You have to do is choose where to live. There are a lot of rental houses in Denver all those who have just moved to another location and / or do not want to buy a house, however. It is worth the search for a city and metropolitan area rental market to get an idea of what to expect as a tenant.

Just as in the real estate market, rental properties in the market is experiencing an adjustment in the last year or so. Home Rental demand has increased for many people with their homes foreclosed. Of people who have lost their property looking for houses for rent. Over the past year, a significant increase in employment of 2.2% in metropolitan areas, as well as increased demand for both.

This has led to price increases rental properties in Denver.

Nevertheless, the increase is not very high, because the supply for rent as well as the sustained increase. For a lot of foreclosures, real estate investors rushed to make a big bargains, buying foreclosed properties and offer them to the rental market. Statistics show that approximately 35% of all foreclosed properties are leased shortly after the ejection. This is automatically pulled down a little price. In general, home rental prices increased slightly, but is expected to remain stable, because the number of accredited district in the last few months of cuts.

According to recent statistics, homes Denver rental costs between $ 1.200 and $ 1,600 on average. It is quite accessible to middle-income families. The difference between the average price of a two-room apartment and a house with the same number of bedrooms are around $ 200, the house cost about $ 1,100 per month and the apartment rented for about $ 904 a month.

The difference is not very high, which is good because it gives tenants a wider range of options to choose from. It is interesting to note that the difference remains roughly the same in different types of three-bedroom properties, but will automatically jump over two times as compared to a four-room flats and houses.

Studios in Denver, the average rent is $ 790, and over two floors, is likely to be expensive. For rent two-bedroom duplex on average 2100 U.S. dollars. As you can see from the number of two-bedroom duplexes are more expensive than single-family homes with the same number or bedrooms.

In general, it can be concluded that the rental market conditions in Denver are currently tenants helpful and should be fully exploited. Accredited by the number of decline, while employment will increase. In turn, rents are expected to stabilize the housing market in the future.

This Month in Real Estate (US) November 2011

www.kw.com NOVEMBER Hello and welcome to This Month in Real Estate. I’m JAY PAPASAN. Our top story what kinds of homes are first time homebuyers looking for? We’ll have the answer in a moment. But first, the numbers. [NUMBERS] And now, our top story. According to a recent report from KW research … • Over half of all first time home buyers stayed in the same area where they were renting • More than three quarters of all first time home buyers purchased a single family detached home • Most first time home buyers purchased a three bedroom and two bath home For tips on buying right the first time, we turn to News You Can Use … NEWS YOU CAN USE When it comes to the decision between buying or renting, some renters think they simply can’t afford a mortgage. The reality is if you’re renting, you are already paying a mortgage — it just happens to be your landlord’s, not your own. Here are three secrets of homeownership that your landlord doesn’t want you to know … Number 1: Equity. You can build wealth through equity. Think of equity as a long-term savings account. Every month you pay your mortgage, a portion of that mortgage goes into that account. Number 2: Appreciation. You can build even more equity though appreciation. Think of appreciation as the interest your home earns over time. Number 3: Control. A home that’s yours means you won’t need your landlord’s permission to paint, renovate and make it a home of your own. If you’re ready to stop paying your landlord’s
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