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Hatred of life in Downtown, But Moving to Seattle? Apartment For Rent The City District

By Andrew John Cocks | Waterfront Houses For Rent

Hatred of life in Downtown, But Moving to Seattle? Apartment For Rent The City District

Article by Vjkmar

Living right in the center of the thrill, but sometimes it’s just too attractive to live in Seattle. Rent an apartment in the outlying town and you may find that you really appreciate life in the smaller place with more sense of community. Here are the three major cities that make up most of the Seattle metro area:

Tacoma, WA – population: 199,637, the average apartment rent: $ 866; Distance: 35 miles

Located between Seattle and north of Olympia, the State capital, south of Tacoma is the third largest city in Washington and has over 50 parks and open spaces.

Despite its long rough, gritty image of the downtown area experienced a revival in the last 20 years and was well up to date. Glass Museum is located here and offers a glass-blowing demonstrations for visitors.

Equipped with many cultural attractions, and local farmers’ market, this city has a surprisingly strong sense of unity, how big it is. Nicknamed “City of Destiny”, Tacoma, Washington invites you to join their destiny with him.

Bellevue, WA – population: 126,626, the average apartment rent: $ 1,264; Distance: 10 miles

French Bellevue means “beautiful view”, which is reflective of the city apt name – people feel peace and comfort from the natural beauty around here.

Recently ranked as the fourth The best place to live in America, Bellevue hosts a lot of recurring events, the weather is nice, but gets only 36 inches rain per year.Just west of Madison Park, including parts of Washington Park Arboretum, you’ll find Montlake, a wealthy residential neighborhood that also houses the Seattle Yacht Club and the resting-place Bruce and Brandon Lee, the famous martial artists.Local community has a great feel to it, offering great bike shop, and industrial history museum, a wonderful market in the Seattle Public Library branch, several restaurants, antique shops and more.

Bellevue is the nearest town in Downtown Seattle, but even if it is only 10 miles drive can easily be 30 minutes.

Everett, WA – population: 103,019, the average apartment rent: $ 912; Distance: 30 miles

The climate of Everett is divine, the average high temperatures ranging between 45-74 degrees and average lows between 34-54 degrees. Landscape here is impressive and includes the city of parks, gardens, waterfront and other lovely places.

Artistic culture is not as pronounced here as in some other cities on this list, but there is a beautiful library, performing arts center, and excellent children’s museum.

If you’re moving outside Seattle, rent an apartment in one of the three cities listed above. They each have their own personality, though, so you want to block some time to examine them and make sure that you and the city will be good to each other. Happy hunting!

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Life In The Beach: White Rock Real Estate For Sale

By Andrew John Cocks | Golf Real Estate For Sale

Life In The Beach: White Rock Real Estate For Sale

Article by Kira I. Meisenburg

All citizens of White Rock, BC are living a happy life in a constant manner. For them, this place makes it possible for them to live a life free from negative stress. In addition to that, they have a hospitable and welcoming attitude making them an ideal spot to move in. If you choose to live here, for sure that you will always be welcome. There is plenty of White Rock real estate for sale right now and you will definitely get one.

In Canada, the White Rock features one of the most beautiful promenades. Just like the citizens here, you will definitely enjoy the beach stretching for eight kilometers of sandy beach. On top of that, the moderate temperatures throughout the year will make you comfortable and relax year round. You can rent a small apartment or live in some of the luxury executive homes wherein it overlooks the San Juan Islands and the Semiahmoo Bay area.

People of all ages will certainly enjoy the relaxed life in White Rock, and retirees will always find it as an outstanding retirement community. It should not be hard for you to find White Rock real estate for sale especially with the help of realtors who can advise you about the best locations and current prices of homes.

Two of the finest places to live are in the Crescent Beach or Morgan Creek. You can find houses that are for sale. These two communities have something to offer to its potential citizens with the likes of facilities and amenities that will surely cater to the needs of every people. If you are into shopping, fine dining in restaurants as well as crab fishing, then the Crescent Beach would be the perfect place for you to purchase a home. On the other hand, if you like living in a huge and beautiful house that overlooks a golf course, then the Morgan Creek is the right one for you.

With just a single visit, you will be convinced if White Rock is the ideal place to live as well as start your family. As a matter of fact, many of the residents in White Rock came from other parts of the country and some came from some parts of the world. If you will ask them, they just visit White Rock simply for vacation, but they end up very captivated by the place and then decided to buy a property in White Rock.

Home for your retirement or for starting a family, With the help of your realtor, you can find your dream home here. Whether your choice is apartment, townhouse, condo, or even detached home, you will surely get your dream home and enjoy the nice view of of the San Juan Islands, mountains and the ocean.

Want to start your own family? Or are you simply looking for a place to retire and enjoy life? Then try looking for it with White Rock Real Estate For Sale.

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Observations of Life and Real Estate on PEI

By Andrew John Cocks | Waterfront Properties Real Estate

Observations of Life and Real Estate on PEI

Article by Robert Parker

Wondering what it would be like to live on PEI? If you are willing to put up with a little Canadian winter, there is a laid-back lifestyle and those great PEI real estate investment opportunities to consider.

Well the summer is coming to an end and cottagers and summer residents are closing up the summer homes and thinking about going back to their normal lives. It has been a good summer on PEI and the markets are coming back to life for PEI real estate, not that we really experienced that much of a slump and certainly nothing like the US or even parts of Canada.

PEI really has something special to offer both the resident and the visitor. PEI is a safe place to holiday or to raise a family and is certainly an inexpensive place to do either. The lower prices for real estate here also make it a great place to retire. Overall PEI is the place to relocate to – it is the “gentle island” and the name says it all.

PEI has a large coastline for such as small place and therefore there is a lot of waterfront PEI real estate. The prices as such are much more reasonable than in other waterfront areas. Perhaps because of this and in no small measure because island families often have retained the old family homestead, islanders may typically have both a country home for their summer play and a winter home in the city to accomodate life here in the winter.

The winters can be a little rough for someone who comes from Canada’s banana belt like me – that’s Vancouver if you are wondering. I remember my first winter here on PEI with piles of snow 6 feet high and several blizzards. However you soon get used to it and quite frankly if you come from the northeastern states or most other parts of Canada it’s really just the same here as you would normally experience at home.

However it is important to realize that if you plan to live here year round your first home purchase should probably be in the city. You will need a winter base from which to be able to get to work on a consistent basis as well as shopping etc. If you are thinking about a country home that will provide comfortable year round living you should make sure that the road it is on is plowed, as some smaller roads aren’t in the winter and you should also check to see that the driveway where you are thinking of buying is winter accessible and doesn’t fill with snow. You could check with neighbors for this inforamtion if you are house-hunting in the summer. I believe that you are probably better to look at country homes in the winter however when you can see conditions for yourself. You simply have to ensure yourself that the driveway is not filled regularly with snow drifts – I have seen this happen with some PEI properties.

It is also important to ensure that the home that you are considering buying is all-season. Some cottages are not insulated and therefore are only good for summer while some homes are insulated well enough to be considered 3-season homes but are not realistically livable in the dead of winter. With the price of oil not likely to drop, it is important to ensure that all homes are well insulated.

Whether you are relocating here to live and work or to retire or alternatively you are looking for a place for the summer, PEI has a lot to offer and PEI real estate makes an excellent investment and should be on your ‘must see’ list. Call a local island realtor for more information on PEI and island living.

R. Parker works with local realtors to help islanders get into and navigate round the PEI real estate market. If you are looking to buy or sell PEI real estate, contact one of his client realtors.

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