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A Powerful Real Estate Agent’s Listing Presentation

By Andrew John Cocks | Real Estate Listing Agent

Real Estate Listing Agent
by TBC21

A Powerful Real Estate Agent’s Listing Presentation

The listing presentation is your moment to show a prospective client all that you are worth. Every agent has their individuality on what works when presenting their listing presentation to a prospective seller. What makes for an effective ‘listing presentation’?
Let us discuss the Listing Presentation when you go out on the appointment, one of the following will almost always happen:

a) You will be out priced by the competition, which happens all the time
b) You will be out-commissioned by the competition,
c) You will be out-bonded by the competition,
d) You will be out-advertised by the competition
e) You decide you do not want to take the listing.

It is critical when you walk out of the appointment to carefully look at these issues. You must look at these to determine which one actually took place, and note that the only one you have absolute control over is deciding not to take the listing.

It is important to devise a plan that will help you cut the length of your listing presentation.

Often times, we are saying much more than we need to. What are you doing to cut down on the length of your presentation? Many agents have a difficult time doing this because they cannot get over this whole concept of having to go on an appointment and go through the exercise of “bonding.” To help you cut the length, try eliminating any unnecessary conversation that has nothing to do with the property. Quit talking about the things that do not make any difference. How much time do you have to spend telling them how cute their dog is, or how beautiful their carpet is? What does that have to do with selling property?

Another way to cut the length of your presentation is to have a pre-listing package. Also, before you arrive at the appointment, remind yourself as you walk up to the door what your purpose is. Your purpose is to either take the listing, or turn it down in a short period of time.

While on the presentation, it is critical to spend more time discussing price, and less time discussing everything else. If we are in a price sensitive economy, then why do we spend so much time talking about the things that are not related to the price? Remember the old-fashioned training? Hide the price from the customer and never tell the customer the price until the absolute last minute. We cannot do that. We have to make sure that we bring the price up-front. Why? What does the seller want to discuss first? The price! They want to know how much they’re going to get so they can continue making future plans.

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Presentation Folder Printing – Smashing up Your Real Estate Brokerage Competition

By Andrew John Cocks | Real Estate Brokerage Company

Presentation Folder Printing – Smashing up Your Real Estate Brokerage Competition

Article by Sarie San Pablo

What sets a real estate brokerage business apart from its competition? The majority would say customer service, innovation and image. Not all real estate brokerage firms are alike. They might offer the same products or properties but customer service sets them apart. Putting in mind the needs of their customers is one way of putting innovation a notch higher from their competition. However, image tops the factors that affect their competitive edge. Presentation goes with image. And taking into consideration how your clients view you is important. Your image is your key to a better roster of clients that would give you better revenue.

The best way to deliver the image you would want your real estate brokerage business to have is through professionalism. One way of achieving that touch of professionalism is through presentation folder printing. Going out on your sales call and presenting what you have to offer in an organized presentation folder would give the impression that you really mean business.

Many online printing companies offer cheap presentation folder printing services. Despite the affordable and discounted price, quality is never compromised. They give you the option to print it in a standard 9 x 12 size with pockets or pocket slots on the left or on the right of the folder. Pocket location is important in determining the aesthetic presentation of your folders as well. If you need assistance with conceptualization and design, printers have in-house designers who can assist you with a minimal charge. Most online printers provide PDF proofing and some even provide it with no upfront payment. They even give out free paper sample kits so you could see the paper your presentation folder would use.

Consider presentation folder printing. It would smash up your competition giving you a distinct image that would differentiate you among the rest.

Sarie San Pablo is a working mom, a passionate writer and a strong believer of balanced change. She started writing newsletters for a private company and recently shifted to online writing. She divides her time fullfilling her passion in writing, honing her craft and being a mom.