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How Does The Real Estate Income Gain (REIG) Program Work?

By Andrew John Cocks | Ltd Real Estate

How Does The Real Estate Income Gain (REIG) Program Work?

Article by Redev Properties

Redev Properties Ltd., Real Estate Income Gain (REIG) Program, works by acquiring prime commercial Real Estate in growing markets in Canada and Asia. This includes shopping, making offers, extensive due diligence, arranging finance, and arranging all the necessary legal work.

The Real Estate Income Gain Prgram offers a steady income stream, excellent security, substantial capital appreciation potential and is very tax efficient.

With the REIG program, Redev Properties Ltd. invites investors to ‘partner’ with them on individual projects in order to leverage their ability to purchase more products and properties.

Essentially, investors become limited partners in the acquired prime commercial real estate such as; Plazas, Malls, Shopping Centers, etc. by purchasing investment units in the limited partnership.

The investor then receives income and monies back in 4 ways:

1. Quarterly Income Distribution 2. Tax Deduction 3. Return on investors Equity by Refinancing Tax Free in Year 6 4. Appreciation of Plaza, Increasing your Equity Build-up and Net Worth.

The REIG Program Offers investors:

1. Steady Quarterly Income Stream 2. Excellent Security – You own the project 3. Tax Free Money – Receive Equity Tax Free 4. Tax Advantages 5. Substantial Capital Appreciation potential

Redev Properties Ltd., REIG Program Investment goals succeed at the following:

1. Safety of Principle 2. Management Ease 3. Growth Potential 4. Income Producing 5. Inflation Hedge 6. Minimize Taxes

Are you worried or concerned about your current investment portfolio or future retirement? With the uncertainty in investment circles today it is nice to know that there is a company and investment that investors can trust. As one of the first companies in Canada and Asia to offer this Real Estate Income Gain Program, REDEV Properties Ltd., has the longevity and track record you can count on. With investments that give you steady cash flow stream now and an excellent potential for continued capital growth for the future. Therefore, investors can have peace of mind that their financial future is being protected and secure. Redev Properties Ltd., REIG Program helps investors stop worrying about their financial future and retirement!

Redev principals, the Redev Management Team, and company divisions have earned a reputation for their acquisition and skills in development of real estate projects in Canada.

We are a Canadian company owned by Canadians. We have been in the real estate business in Canada for over 28 years. During this time, we have successfully developed over 11,000 units and currently have 25 shopping malls under management.

Redev Properties is an integrated real estate company providing a one-stop solution. From asset management to development and construction.

Redev Properties Ltd @ www.redevgroup.com