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Looking for a new start? Look for Houses For Sale in Hartland

By Andrew John Cocks | Houses For Sale In The Lakes

Looking for a new start? Look for Houses For Sale in Hartland

Article by Harry Worthington

Hartland is a wonderful place to live; this picturesque town on the north Devon coast is renowned for it’s fabulous coastal scenery. It is the venue of many historical abbeys and churches with beautiful garden settings and views. Nearby is Lundy Island and is accessed via helicopter from Hartland Point. Hartland was a port until Tudor times and the lighthouse remains a focal point. If you are looking for a new start then a house for sale in Hartland may be just what you seek.

Hartland has plenty of areas you can escape to for total relaxation on your doorstep. There are the stunning cliffs that provide a wonderful walking experience; great for clearing the head and de stressing. Then there are the secluded sandy beaches, coves, moorland, woodland and wildlife to explore. Your new home in Hartland is not far from Exmoor and Dartmoor so you are never far away from nature. The Hartland Quay presents a taste of history and fantastic views. A mill, several lakes and even a Lavender farm occupy the vicinity.

The community of Hartland has a small tourist trade at certain times of the year and so has several bed and breakfast and small hotels. There is a post office and a few small shops in this rural area. Houses for sale in Hartland always attract a certain amount of interest, as the region is so delightful. There are cottages, bungalows, barn conversions, terrace, detached and town houses and many other unique properties. Hartland has a varied property market and properties are in demand.

Homes in Hartland come in all sizes, from a tiny one bed roomed to a large seven bed roomed, and everything inbetween. Flats and houses as well as small commercial property can be found in Hartland. Settling here you will be surrounded by the best that land and sea can offer.Numerous, various sized farmhouses are scattered around the Hartland area and these make ideal family homes. Studio flats provide for single people and couples. There are also homes suitable for older people. The range of properties available in Hartland is as diverse as the unique location.

Homes built in the 17th century period and thatched roof cottages can both be observed in this lovely town. If you are considering moving to the area the property in Hartland is some of the finest you will find in Devon. A lot of the buildings have been lovingly restored to retain their original character and style. Some old stone built farm buildings have been refurbished and converted to form modern comfortable living areas.

Homes for sale in Hartland are managed by estate agents or may even be for private sale. Listings are catalogued and photographs and information can be obtained regarding individual properties. Hartland has some exquisite homes to offer in an idyllic position. Local estate agents can be contacted to alert you when a property of your requirements becomes available. Viewing can be arranged and further discussions arranged if you wish to proceed. Owning a home in Hartland is something special.

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Successful Sales Start With Impressive Real Estate Listings

By Andrew John Cocks | Local Real Estate Listings

Successful Sales Start With Impressive Real Estate Listings

Article by Elaine Daniel

In the tight real estate market today, it is no time to take shortcuts with your real estate listings. With buyers scarce and sellers flooding the market, you need an aggressive presentation to make your property shine and attract interest. This goes for brokered sales and sales by owner.

With the internet, gone are the days of a small ad in the local newspaper. The world-wide web takes your listing global. The reach is a wide as the world itself. Make your presentation one that stands out.

Start with a detailed description. Include all the positives about your property you can come up with. Play up the sought-after things like light-filled rooms, hardwood floors, the fireplace, a great neighborhood, amenities and updates. Promote the yard, the deck and the pool if applicable.

If your property is in a trendy neighborhood, talk about the bars, shops and cafes. Buyers are looking who have no idea about the town or city. Spell it out. If there are recreation facilities and parks, let them know. A branch library nearby is a plus. Good schools a selling-point. Shopping in the area should be described. These personal aspects tell a story and make your property one a buyer can envision as a family home.

But do not confuse the personal with homemade. It is never good to market your property with amateurish photos and clunky wording. Your broker will know this but if you are doing some of the marketing yourself for added attention, get someone who is a good photographer if you are not. Ditto for writing. Make it professional.

There is, in every industry, special lingo used to sell. Read some ads and learn how to describe your property in a way that accentuates the positives and shades the negatives. Stay upbeat even if your property is a fixer-upper. Use that term: it allows you to avoid spelling out the negatives.

The worst thing you can do is post dark, underexposed photos. They give the impression your home is a dark hole, never a good thing. Some people actually post closeups of the toilet. Please avoid this. It is not only a waste of space on the site, but wreaks of shoddy marketing skills. Do post a good shot of the bathroom if it is updated, clean and appealing. If it is not so much, focus on the rooms that are appealing.

Leave out shots of the bare-bones utilitarian items like water tanks, radiators, air-conditioning units or exposed wiring. Do include architectural details if any, fireplaces, large window, large closets, surrounding greenery, a yard, a deck or condo amenities like a pool or rooftop deck. Try to show the outdoor areas in sunlight. A night shot is good if you have a stunning city view.

Never post pictures of dirty rooms filled with personal junk. Women will avert their gaze immediately. You want to focus on the size and shape of rooms, nothing more. Professional looking photographs will get the ball rolling for a quick sale at a good price. Your real estate listings will attract buyers if you make a strong presentation with all the positive elements showcased.

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