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Toronto Real Estate-Did your agent tell you they charge a marketing fee to the Selling Agent?

By Andrew John Cocks | Richmond Hill Mls Listings

Toronto Real Estate-Did your agent tell you they charge a marketing fee to the Selling Agent?

Article by Diane Plant, Broker

What is a real estate marketing fee?Simply put-it is an arbitrary amount of money a Listing Agent will charge a Selling Agent for helping him/her market the property they are listing on MLS.

My question to the Seller is-why did you hire that Listing Agent if they were going to charge another agent to sell the listing?

Did your agent disclose the fact that they were going to charge a marketing fee? Did you Mr./Mrs. Seller know that that marketing fee could negatively impact your listing, no showings or reduced shoings?

The marketing fee is found on the Broker’s portion of the listing and these are just a few examples of how it looks when a realtor sees your listing. Note:The 2.5% is what the Selling Broker gets, and that is on the MLS Agreement you signed, but the -$ 50, or -$ 300 or -$ 100 is the amount being deducted from the Selling Brokerage commission and probably was not disclosed to you.

CB Comm: 2.5% -$ 50

CB Comm: 2.5% -$ 300

CB Comm: 2.5$ -$ 100

We all know that the Code of Ethics forbids us from “black-balling” a listing. Let’s get real. If there are 5 listings in a given area that an agent is looking at to show, 4 do not have a marketing fee and 1 does. Is the Selling Agent going to bother showing the one with a fee, unless it is written up to pre-sell that it can not be passed over?

I think that agents should fully disclose what the Listing Brokerage receives, what the Selling Brokerage receives and what the Listing Agent is going to charge (if any) another agent for selling their listing. Oh, by the way, Mr/Mrs Seller-did you get an accounting of exactly what your agent is going to do for you to market your property. That marketing fee might just be a money grab and your listing agent just puts your property on MLS and hopes it will sell.


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Whether you’re buying or selling and looking for a Toronto Realtor or feel free to e-mail or phone us and we will be happy to guide you through your real estate experience.

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Diane Plant is a real estate Broker in Toronto. Serving her clients for over 21 years. She helps both sellers and buyers negotiate the best prices successfully. Diane is in partnership with her son Jeremy Plant. You will always be able to contact someone on Team Plant. www.team-plant.comDiane and Jeremy work with Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. Brokerage.

Choosing Property in Toronto – Tips For Newcomers

By Andrew John Cocks | Ontario Waterfront Property

Choosing Property in Toronto – Tips For Newcomers

Article by Svetlana

In Toronto there are many factors that you need to consider when searching for a property. Toronto is an extremely big city and there is no a unitary clearly defined center, and there’s no place with the most high priced or the lowest priced property. Toronto is more like a conglomeration of these centers. The city is like a multilayered quilt comprising numerous relatively large neighborhoods. The worth of each neighborhood is based on such parameters as proximity to a particular center, convenience of public transportation, proximity to important highways, the average income of families, ethnic composition of the population, etc. Consequently, each region is made of a certain type of houses, and is aimed at certain categories of people.

For example, there are expensive condominiums located at the waterfront of Lake Ontario at Yonge St. and Bay St.. Due to the very high cost apartments in these condominiums, it’s a lot harder to rent them than inexpensive ones, which are always in demand. Generally, people buy apartments in condominiums on Toronto’s waterfront for themselves, unlike in other neighborhoods. Statistically, over fifty percent of all condos are bought for investment purposes. Need for apartments in expensive condominiums on Toronto’s waterfront is extremely high, there hardly ever are any to sell, therefore the prices are increasing constantly. Most importantly, there isn’t any space for construction in Toronto downtown, so prices will rise even more, and demand will also rise. For that reason, in terms of investment, this can be a very good option .

The most typical mistake that prospective immigrants to Toronto make is to search for real estate ahead of time, before arriving to Toronto. With no knowledge of the specifics of the city and of the Canadian housing market, finding a good house is simply impossible. Real estate industry in Toronto has its own specifics. In some other countries, the wealthy can reside in the same areas as the poor. The primary factors in the choice of a hosing there are the proximity to the centre of the city or a subway, along with the size of the apartment.

In Toronto the situation is quite different. There’s an obvious gradation of bad and good areas. Some neighborhoods are definitely more prestigious than others, each neighborhood has predominantly a particular ethnic group as well as a particular median income of people that live in them. If you look at Toronto from above, it looks like v a patchwork quilt, sewn from a range of areas. Moreover, this “patchwork” is noticed on several levels. With no knowledge of and understanding of the reality of Toronto, it’s simply impossible to select a place where to search for property.

Let’s take, for instance, an apartment in a condominium near the subway, on Yonge St., and at a comparatively low price. It might seem a good option, at first. However, don’t forget that that in real estate if something sounds too good to be real, it really isn’t good. The reason why an apartment costs so very little in such a prestigious area is that the building is extremely old and requires repairs. This is reflected in the condo fee, which is 3 times greater fee in a new condominium. In addition, the building can be only remotely related to condominiums because it had no amenities seen in modern condominiums in Toronto – no swimming pool, no gym, no room for parties, etc.

Svetlana Kamzaeva is the author of Life In Toronto City Guide, that shows you the best of the city, including fun places, sightseeing, and a glimpse into the city life – in case you want to move here permanently! Visit Life in Toronto for more Real estate Toronto tips.

Farm For Sale, in Ontario, Land for Sale, Outside Inside Storage, 300 Acres, new Highway 404 Extension, 35 Minutes North of Toronto

By Andrew John Cocks | Ontario Properties For Sale

Farm For Sale, in Ontario, Land for Sale, Outside Inside Storage, 300 Acres, new Highway 404 Extension, 35 Minutes North of Toronto

Article by Donald Hood

(1888PressRelease) Two Farms For Sale 300 Acres: 207 Acres And 93 Acres; River, Ponds, On York Durham Line By Hwy 48 – New Hwy 404 Extension 35 Minutes North Of Toronto Property For Sale: Beef Cattle, Horse Equine, Agriculture Farm.

Farm for Sale on York Durham Line, Durham Region, North of Toronto, North of Mount Albert, Newmarket and Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, Great Investment Property, was Horse Farm, Equestrian, Cattle Farm, 100 Acres Hardwood Bush

TWO FARMS FOR SALE 300 ACRES: 207 Acres and 93 Acres; River, Ponds, on YORK DURHAM LINE by HWY 48 – NEW HWY 404 EXTENSION 35 Minutes North of Toronto PROPERTY FOR SALE: BEEF CATTLE, HORSE EQUINE, AGRICULTURE FARM; Two Farms 300 Acres; by new Hwy 404 Extension; could be used for Outside Storage, open Land, Property, For Sale multiple usages.

Farm for Sale in York Durham Region, North of Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Great Equestrian, Cattle Farm, Two Farms 300 Acres by new Hwy 404 Extension

Two Farms For Sale a combined 300 Acres

One Farm 93 Acres Second Farm 207 Acres

Two Farms for Sale: These are Great Investments – for Farming, Equestrian, Cattle Farm, purchase one or both Farms combined or separately: a combined 300 Acres beautiful Black river & large pondwith an English river country setting.

Intersection of Hwy 48 (Markham Road) and Ravenshoe Road, Town of Brown Hill, North of Mt Albert, York Durham Line, just North of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Near new Highway 404 Extension to Ravenshe Road, planned for 2012.

Farm for Sale – Farm One a 93 Acre Farm with 3 Bedroom Panabode/Log Home & Approximately 60 Acres Of Workable Farm Land. Currently Used As Sod Farm Plus House With Investment Income.

This English River Setting absolutelygGorgeous and a Great Investment. Enjoy The Beautiful Scenic Black River, Meandering Through The Property with Great Fishing and Feed the Deer, the Views and including a solid Bridge To Your Private Pond. Close To New 404 Extension,To Be Completed 2012.

This Property Can Be Linked To The 207 Acre Adjacent Farm To The South For A 300 Acre Parcel. Please Contact For Further Details.

Farm Two 207 Acre Horse Equestrian/ Beef Cattle Farm :Storage Hunting Fishing

In a Beautiful English Country River Setting. This Property Has Good Workable Open Land Presently In Hay Crop & 12 Paddocks with trails throughout property.The Two Barns and other Out Buildings have Existing Horse Stalls & Loafing Area For Cattle with Ample Upper Storage For Hay.

The Black River runs through property, great bottom land, good for crops approximately 60 -80 acres of workable land for farming, and 100 acres of woods and safe Horse trails.

The Modern Brick Side Split Home Compliments This Unique Property W/Winding River & Bush Trails For Horses or ATV’s.

HWY 404 Extension: Close To New 404 Extension,To Be Completed 2012.

This is a Great Investment, could be used as an Equestrian Centre and Beef Cattle Farm, Agricultural, Open Storage for Equipment, Hunting and Fishing Property.Within 35 Miles of Toronto easy access to Hwy 404; to Newmareket, Toronto, Sutton, Queensville, Mount Albert, Ballantrae, Aurora, Uxbridge.


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Tracing The History Of Toronto Photographers

By Andrew John Cocks | Muskoka Pictures

Tracing The History Of Toronto Photographers

Article by Jag Jenny

Known as one of the greatest cities of North America and the largest in Canada, Toronto does not have many good photographers. In order to understand this absence of good photographer one will have to trace the history of photographers in this city. It is very ironic to note that Toronto is the place where several eminent studios had developed in the 19th century but sadly in the past few years these pioneers of photography have lost their shine.

Notable among the eminent photographer Toronto is the name E.J Palmer who, till date stands as the most remembered photographers of Toronto. Well known as the precursor of the modern picture modern, Palmer won the Honorable mention at the Paris exhibition of 1885. He was one of the staggering stalwarts of Toronto’s photographic community from 1840 to 1870.

Another huge figure in Toronto Photography is William Notman who redefined photographic excellence. A native of Scotland, Notman grew in stature as photographer of high water mark who opened his studios in various prominent cities including Toronto. He was a very skilled trainer whose style of portrayal still has its influential impact on the coming generations of photographers.

By 1878, another name that sparkled on the photographic horizon of Toronto was that of F.W Mickelethwaite. He gradually became the quintessential name in the field of visual documentation of Toronto landscapes and vistas by the end of the 19th century. He enjoyed a sparkling career in commercial photography that later became the tradition of his family. He garnered immense popularity for his shots at the Muskoka region which is an upscale vacant location to the north of Toronto. That his work has been treasured in the Toronto and Canada archives is the testimony to the artistic prowess of this great stalwart of Toronto photography. Some of his great works can be viewed on the internet.

In the mid 1900s, another name that illuminated the photographic scene of Toronto is of Richard Harrington who startled the world of photography with his staggering display of photographic skills of Canadian built models. Before jumping into the world of professional photography Harrington worked as an X-ray technician. His photographic works are the hallmark of his grip over portraying some of the most mystic themes of human nature. His works are featured in the prestigious Times magazine and at the famous Smithsonian, the modern museum of art. This great stalwart bridged the gap between the current century and the contemporary photography styles.

It is very heartening to note that a place like Toronto which produced some of the finest names in Photography sans quality digital photographer now a days.

Jag Jenny shares knowledge on digital photographer and photographer Toronto that make you able to find the photographers of Toronto that fits your needs.

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Feel the colors of Toronto with Real Estate Toronto

By Andrew John Cocks | Real Estate Toronto

Feel the colors of Toronto with Real Estate Toronto

Article by Sunilssis2510

The experiences of a small period of low actions and low prices enjoyed by the real estate Toronto market at the end of 2008 and at the beginning of 2009. The speed of high prices of unmoved property in Toronto increases in the spring of 2009 and the year 2009 ended up to 17 percent increase in the amount of sold properties from the year 2008. Many unmoved property experts expected that increase in the Toronto Land Transfer Tax will be the constraint of personal effects activity and without this tax the unmoved property market sale graph will be strong. In the year of 2009, the stock of 2009 real estate in Toronto was very low because of low stock of bidding war starts particularly in the innermost districts. Now the interest rates in Toronto decreases, due to this the buyers have encouraged to buy the new homes for themselves. The low interest rates in personal effects also encourages hesitant buyers to start a search for new homes.

The market conditions of personal effects for sale Toronto has been changed in the year 2010. In 2010, sales were very low in the first four months. The sale is increased at the fall of the year 2010 sustains till the end of next year. The average price of real estate for sale in Toronto was increased nine percent, the prices were $ 431,463. Many of the unmoved property experts have hoped that an increase in the unmoved property market will help in maintaining the balance of market conditions. There are various factors which play an important role in unmoved property Toronto market. The first factor that affects the personal effects market is interest rates stay still very low, decrease the real price of purchasing a house, townhouse, condo apartment or loft, at least the length of mortgage time.

The second factor is the economic conditions and the third and most important factor that plays an important role in increasing the prices of personal effects for sale Toronto is young peoples, foreigners, and immigrants who are increasing the demands of new homes but old peoples continues in living their old homes because they are satisfied with their old living status. The land values are considerably increasing in the Toronto. The increased land values will also increase the price of the property. Century 21 Leading Edge Realty Inc. is providing your dream homes in real estate Toronto according to your choices, needs and requirements. For more information about Century 21, log on to http://www.markten-pow.ca/

Resource Box: Century 21 is a Real Estate Toronto company that provides homes in Real Estate for sale Toronto.

Real estate in Toronto

By Andrew John Cocks | Real Estate Companies Ontario

Real estate in Toronto

Article by Christina Xio

Toronto is a well known Canadian city that is situated in Ontario. It is a very beautiful city full of natural sceneries scattered all over the city. It is one of the most populous cities in Canada and has a lot of facilities. The city is developing very quickly and the population is also increasing day by day. The economic condition of the city is also very stable and many job opportunities are there and new business can also be set up easily. As this is the initial phase in the development of the city. The city has a major oil industry that is the back bone for the cities business. Tourism is also the secondary business in the city.

As the city growing and large number of people are settling in the city. So the real estate business is also growing a lot. More residence places offices and markets are needed to accommodate the increasing population. Like every other business the real estate is also growing tremendously. New settlements are being developed. The city centre has been developed again with multi story buildings that have given real estate a real boom. Similarly different communities for different categories of people are developed by many construction companies.

The cities real estate is divided into different regions like the industrial region, the business region, commercial region, and residential region. All these categories are doing good business and are working according to the needs of the city. The real estate companies are very helpful in helping you to find the right place for you either you want it for your residence or business.

Different people want different types of locations for their residence according to their work place. Like the people who work in the oil field or gas companies they want their houses in the nearby place so they do not have to travel and the people who have their offices near down town want to live there. The prices of the houses and offices are reasonable according to their location and importance. Everyone can afford his or her own place as much they are willing to invest at the time. As the city is very vast and the places are very far apart so all the construction is very spacious and no small houses or business centres are there.

Old residential areas and also commercial areas have been built again by construction companies to keep up with the growing population and fulfilling the modern needs. Rents and mortgages are not too high and are easily payable. Many financing facilities are also available by the banks and local financing companies that help you to plan your loans

Toronto real estate has not seen much crisis as the city’s economy has been consistent throughout the years except for time due to the oil crisis. This has made it a very good investment that has been able to attract many businessmen from other cities to the city and new experiments have been done in the real estate.

Rent Condo Toronto Rent Home Toronto Rent Cottages Muskoka

By Andrew John Cocks | Cottage For Rent In Muskoka

Rent Condo Toronto Rent Home Toronto Rent Cottages Muskoka

Welcome to Lease 905.  We are an agency that specializes in renting homes to families throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  We have homes for rent in Toronto, Brampton, Newmarket and Mississauga.  You can choose from houses that have 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms or even 3 bedrooms.  We also have homes for rent that are furnished so that you can just move right in or if you already have furniture then we have houses for rent that are unfurnished.

Our homes for rent are conveniently located close to transportation, schools, parks and highways.  All of our homes for rent come with appliances and are renovated with nice finishes to give you the most amount of comfort.  You can rent a home from us just about anywhere in the GTA including Downtown Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Ajax, Milton, Thornhill, Newmarket and Brampton.

All of our homes are reasonably priced for families or if your are a student looking to live in Toronto temporarily while you attend school.  So if you are in the market to rent a new house in the Greater Toronto Area then please use the contact form on our website to get in touch with as.  A professional representative will contact you shortly to help you find and move into your new home rental.

Welcome to Lease 416.  We specialize in condo leasing and rentals in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  Our site has listings for condos that are for rent and for lease in Toronto.  If you are looking to rent or lease a new condo in Toronto or the GTA then you have come to the right website.  We have furnished and unfurnished condominiums in Toronto that you can rent or lease.

Currently available we have 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom condos for rent.  Most of our condos come with facilities like swimming p0ols, recreation rooms, storage facilities and tennis courts.

Location is the key to which condo you choose to rent or lease.

Our condos are conveniently located throughout the city of Toronto and easily accessible to transportation, parks, highways and schools.  Our condominiums are all new and affordable for short and long term renting.  Leasing for longer term is also available.

For more information about the condo rentals and leases that are available in Toronto and the GTA please contact us.  Our representatives will be happy to help you find your next new dream condo in Toronto.  We have condos available in Downtown Toronto, North York, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Scarborough and Vaughan.

Welcome to Muskoka Cottage Rentals.  Muskoka is one of the most beautiful vacation and resort locations in Ontario and Canada.  Many people vacation in the Muskokas during the winter and summer from all over Ontario, Canada and the world.  Our business specializes in providing seasonal cottage rentals in Muskoka.

We have cottages for rent in Muskoka that are furnished and unfurnished and everywhere from 1 to 4 bedrooms.  Our cottages all have appliances and are all located lakeside so that you can travel by boat and enjoy the outdoor activities.  For more details about the cottages that we have available for rent in Muskoka please us the contact form on this website to contact us.

Muskoka Cottage Rental - Rent A Cottage In Huntsville, Ontario

Rent a beautiful Muskoka Cottage Now – www.rentmuskokacottages.ca Muskoka Cottage Rentals allows you to enjoy cottage country in your own cottage. We rent out cottages by the week for you to use. We are a family operated company and want you to enjoy the best that Muskoka has to offer.