Tracing The History Of Toronto Photographers

By Andrew John Cocks | Muskoka Pictures

Tracing The History Of Toronto Photographers

Article by Jag Jenny

Known as one of the greatest cities of North America and the largest in Canada, Toronto does not have many good photographers. In order to understand this absence of good photographer one will have to trace the history of photographers in this city. It is very ironic to note that Toronto is the place where several eminent studios had developed in the 19th century but sadly in the past few years these pioneers of photography have lost their shine.

Notable among the eminent photographer Toronto is the name E.J Palmer who, till date stands as the most remembered photographers of Toronto. Well known as the precursor of the modern picture modern, Palmer won the Honorable mention at the Paris exhibition of 1885. He was one of the staggering stalwarts of Toronto’s photographic community from 1840 to 1870.

Another huge figure in Toronto Photography is William Notman who redefined photographic excellence. A native of Scotland, Notman grew in stature as photographer of high water mark who opened his studios in various prominent cities including Toronto. He was a very skilled trainer whose style of portrayal still has its influential impact on the coming generations of photographers.

By 1878, another name that sparkled on the photographic horizon of Toronto was that of F.W Mickelethwaite. He gradually became the quintessential name in the field of visual documentation of Toronto landscapes and vistas by the end of the 19th century. He enjoyed a sparkling career in commercial photography that later became the tradition of his family. He garnered immense popularity for his shots at the Muskoka region which is an upscale vacant location to the north of Toronto. That his work has been treasured in the Toronto and Canada archives is the testimony to the artistic prowess of this great stalwart of Toronto photography. Some of his great works can be viewed on the internet.

In the mid 1900s, another name that illuminated the photographic scene of Toronto is of Richard Harrington who startled the world of photography with his staggering display of photographic skills of Canadian built models. Before jumping into the world of professional photography Harrington worked as an X-ray technician. His photographic works are the hallmark of his grip over portraying some of the most mystic themes of human nature. His works are featured in the prestigious Times magazine and at the famous Smithsonian, the modern museum of art. This great stalwart bridged the gap between the current century and the contemporary photography styles.

It is very heartening to note that a place like Toronto which produced some of the finest names in Photography sans quality digital photographer now a days.

Jag Jenny shares knowledge on digital photographer and photographer Toronto that make you able to find the photographers of Toronto that fits your needs.

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