Travelling with Pets and Cottage Rentals is no Puppy Love!

By Andrew John Cocks | Weekend Cottage Rentals In Muskoka

Travelling with Pets and Cottage Rentals is no Puppy Love!

I have had dogs in my life and been a pet owner for several decades.  I love my dog, in some instances, more than my kids.  He is a loyal, loving and strong protector that has always given me joy and stress release from the hectic lifestyle of city life.  He is a German Shepherd, and loves going to the cottage and being in the water, as he is definitely a water dog at heart.  He could fetch the weeble out of the water for hours.  It is the absolute best exercise for him.  And of course, we always get him his proper vaccinations every year to deal with any worms or parasites for preventative measures.  Having this love for dogs, has given my cottage rental an extra marketable attributed than other cottage rentals, as I allow my guests, with the right conditions, the option to bring their dogs (only their dogs, as we are allergic to cats), on their cottage rental vacation, for the week or weekend.  I have a concise checklist for the dogs occupying, so their owners know what to expect and what their responsibilities are.

Many other owners and resorts do not allow pets.  One the main reasons are that pets attracts other little pets, like fleas and ticks.  They have allergens on them that many people cannot deal with, and this makes it hard for many cottage rental owners.

A great many of the different breeds shed.  (And yes, I have gone through several vacuums due to my breed shedding like crazy.)  Let us face it, their animals and cannot be controlled completely.  So what do you do?

Simply put, you have to be truthful and find a cottage rental that will allow for pets.  Trying to hide the fact that you are bringing your dog or cat because you know that it won’t be permitted is lying, and incredibly fraudulent on the part of you and your group that are renting.  It could get you kicked out, you could and probably would lose your damage deposit, or worse if your illegal pet attacked or bit another guest or neighbor.

I had another owner tell me about his own situation where he rented out his cottage one season for two months while his wife and he went to visit their daughter in the East Coast.  They had rented it to a young couple who had just acquired a young lab puppy.  They were never told about the puppy, and probably would not have permitted it.  When they returned to do the inspection, they were absolutely stunned.  The puppy had dug up all the gardens and perennials, chewed up three leg chairs in the kitchen (antiques), chewed up one of the corners of a brand new mattress set in their guest room.  Suffice to say, this puppy had caused thousands in damages.  The experience was so unpleasant my friend stopped renting out his cottage.  He had been soured by it and never felt as though he could trust again.  I asked him if he had a “No Pet Policy” on his contracts for rentals.  He told me that he verbally accounted for it and the couple had not mentioned they were bringing a puppy. 

As they say, there are no bad animals, just bad pet owners.  In this case, it is so very true.  The young couple were not responsible or trained properly to take on the daunting task of raising a puppy.  In addition, why would you adopt a puppy and take your vacation elsewhere?  To risk someone else’s home that they clearly were not capable of financially taking on with all the damages the puppy made, was incredibly stupid on the part of the young couple.  But what about my friend, the cottage owner, did he do his due diligence?  No.  He did not have a “No Pet Policy” illustrated on his ads, nor in his contracts.  This was a huge error on his part.

Be clear folks and be honest.  If you intend on bringing your pets, as they say in Customs, “please declare…”  And as owners, you have a right to protect your interests, so execute on those rights.  Advertise accordingly so as not to waste your time or anyone else’s time.  It is reasonable to have a “no pet policy”, but you must be clear on your ads and in your contracts.

My Pet Policy and Query Process (just a suggestion to get an idea of what I do, you may do something different):


Cats are NOT PERMITTED DUE TO ALLERGIES IN OUR FAMILY.  Please make arrangements to have your cats taken care of somewhere else while you are occupying.


2.  Dogs are welcome WITH STRICT CONDITIONS.  Please specify number of dogs you will be bringing, their breed type and their age.


3.  Are your dogs up to date with vaccinations and healthy?


4.  What are your normal pet habits?  (Dogs are not permitted to lay or go on ANY OF OUR FURNISHINGS AND BEDS.)  Are you willing to comply with our expected pet habits?


5.  All feces are to be cleaned up with the appropriate plastic bags and disposed of in the garbage.  Will this be maintained?


6.  All dogs are to be leashed out of doors.  Will this be honored?  Yes or No, please explain.


7.  Pet hair and fur will be cleaned as required through the stay and prior to departure. 


8.  Any damages incurred to the property or dwelling due to the pet’s occupying will be reported and paid for by the rental guests.  Initial here:  _______.


Travelling with Pets, it’s not puppy love when your new little pet pukes up his lunch all over your best friend’s brand new imported Persian rug….so why risk your vacation and your wallet by bringing him on vacation to your lovely little cottage rental spot, WITHOUT the consent of the owner???

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