Why To Consider Cottage Rentals In Ontario

By Andrew John Cocks | Cottage Rentals In Ontario

Why To Consider Cottage Rentals In Ontario

Article by Adriana Noton

Whether you are visiting from nearby or far away, you might want to consider cottage rentals in Ontario. Unlike hotel accommodations, cottages are private, comfortable, and a great place to let your hair down. Vacation rentals can be found near many local attractions, both natural and cultural.

Cottages are usually separate dwelling that afford privacy. Instead of sharing a wall with your neighboring rooms, you have at least a little space to yourself. Walkways are more private as well, generally leading up to only a few dwellings instead of being used by an entire floor of hotel rooms.

Often situated on the same property with many other small cottages, these dwellings are cheaper than vacation homes, but nicer than hotels. Having your own four walls means you don’t have to worry about disturbing or being disturbed by the neighbors, but the price is still usually better than those houses you couldn’t afford. Cottages offer an attractive middle-ground option for many.

While they exist in or near cities and towns, cottages are more likely to be found in natural settings. Small and larger properties situated in forests, meadows, and other natural settings are often dotted with these small dwellings. Their more rustic feel makes them attractive to people who want to be surrounded by nature, and the more rural nature of the setting makes cottages an economically viable option.

Usually, cottages do not have multiple rooms the way a vacation house might. Instead, they are usually minimally divided, and often only consist of one large room. Some have lofts for sleeping, to make more efficient use of the vertical space. Others are a two-room style, with sleeping areas in both the ‘living’ area and another separate bedroom.

In many cases, there is no house-keeping service for cottages, making them more similar in this manner to vacation homes than hotel rooms. Although modest cleaning is usually done between tenants, daily service is rarely available, and people are responsible for leaving the dwelling in the condition that they found it in. Vacuum cleaners and other cleaning supplies are usually furnished in order to make this possible. A cleaning deposit might be required, which is refunded when the room is found in satisfactory condition.

Cottages range in size from small dwellings meant for two, to larger ones big enough for extended families. The line between a cottage and a vacation home is rather arbitrary, and some larger cottages are perhaps better described as vacation homes. However, the hallmark of a cottage is often the fact that there are many similar units on a single piece of land, all owned and operated by the same people. Vacation homes are more likely to be privately owned, and/or spotted in between private residences.

A great option for people who can’t afford a vacation home but don’t relish staying in a hotel, cottage rentals in Ontario are fairly available, though more likely to be found in the rural areas of the province. Cottages accommodates all different types of nature lovers, from the summer hikers to the winter skiers and everything in between.

Find a vacation getaway with Cottage rentals in Ontario.

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